Pretty, Easy: Summer Upstyles That Look (And Feel) So Cool

Let’s face it: Summer is just not compatible with time spent getting your hair to look amazing, only to have it fall flat or blow-up after an hour in the Sarasota heat. The solution? Have a few hot weather-friendly upstyles at your fingertips that can take you from workouts to weddings beautifully!

Here are a few of our favorite looks for all occasions that look good, keep your hair off your neck, and hold up like a charm under withering heat and humidity. Most don’t require any tools besides the basics: hair elastic, brush/comb, bobby pins. Best of all, they’re easy enough so that you can learn to do them yourself (Yes, really!).

As with anything, practice makes perfect, so give these styles a few test runs before you debut them at your next event. To dress them up a bit, add fresh flowers or hair jewelry, and rock them with cool confidence!


  • Hair Type: Medium to long
  • Occasion: Beach. Pool. Gym. Running errands. (Okay, anywhere.)
  • Products: Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair (though you can use your favorite leave-in), Air Control Light Hold Hair Spray
  • Tools: Brush/comb, hair elastics

Now here’s a style that can take a lot of action while still looking smart. Depending on your level of activity, you can keep it tight or pull it loose for a more easygoing effect. Practice in the mirror a few times and soon enough you’ll be able to whip out this Dutch side braid anytime, anywhere.


  • Hair Type: Short to medium
  • Occasion: Casual parties, girls’ night out
  • Products: Light Elements Texturizing Creme (can substitute with other Aveda texturizing or volumizing products), Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray
  • Tools: Hair elastics, bobby pins

Switch up your short cut with this flirty updo. You want to keep the hair in front a bit fuller to frame your face and balance out the tight back, so that’s why the big gun (Control Force) is used here.


  • Hair Type: Medium to long
  • Occasion: Special event, formal wedding
  • Products: Texture Tonic, Air Control Light Hold Hair Spray
  • Tools: Hair elastics, bobby pins

For a more polished and formal effect, blow-dry your hair first to a smooth finish before styling, and direct the side tendrils with a hot iron. For a more relaxed look, keep it all natural.


  • Hair Type: All lengths
  • Occasion: Date, daytime wedding, cocktail party
  • Products: Shampure Dry Shampoo, Air Control Hair Spray
  • Tools: Hair elastics, back comb (optional), flat iron (optional)

The perfect romantic, effortless style and our favorite for capping off a day at the beach. While Steph back-combs to add fullness and texture  .  .  .  .  .  .  if you’ve been out in the sea air all day, that work is already done for you.


  • Hair Type: Short
  • Occasion: Brunch, day parties
  • Products:  Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother (or any Aveda style prep product) Texture Tonic (optional), Control Force Hair Spray
  • Tools: Hair elastics, bobby pins, small-barrel curling iron (optional)

Chloe creates her all-over tousled texture with a small-barrel curling iron, but if you’ve already got natural wave or curl, you can skip this step and just enhance it with Texture Tonic. The side accent braid is enough to switch it up and look unexpected and chic.

While all the beauty gurus demonstrating these styles have their personal preferences for products and techniques, feel free to switch them up to better suit your own! Just make sure that if you substitute products, choose similar ones that achieve the same objective (such as adding grip and texture, increasing volume and fullness, or providing hold).

As for improvising on technique: Feel free to add a bonus braid or a few more twists; pull the finished style a little looser to achieve an intentionally disheveled look  .  .  .  .  .   it’s always a good idea to play with your hair to see what looks best.

We’re giving you all these styles because we love you, my dears, and we want to make your lives easier .  .  .  .  .  . but you know we always love to see you come through our doors! If you need some expert help in getting a flawless style you’ll love, we’re always here for you!