NUOVO— For Artists Who Want to Reach Their Full Potential

NUOVO is often named the best salon in Sarasota year after year thanks to the amazing team we facilitate at each location. AT NUOVO we have a growth mindset, meaning no matter where members of our team from, we approach their skill set with an unbiased lens with focus on giving them the best training possible.

We fuse our stylists’ goals with implementing the NUOVO standards to create both the best client and employee experience. Whether you’ve just gotten your cosmetology degree or are a stylist with 10+ years of experience, NUOVO creates a community infused with integrity and excellence all wrapped in a passion for the art of beauty . . . And let’s not forget: A healthy dose of FUN. Here are some things that make NUOVO stand out:

The NUOVO Synergy

The NUOVO atmosphere is truly unique—our stylists look forward to supporting one another in a fresh, innovative atmosphere. NUOVO’s unwavering commitment to education ensures that stylists receive tailored, top-drawer training, regardless of their background or experience, fostering an inclusive, lifelong learning culture.

Hannah, an up-and-coming NUOVO stylist relays, “The second I get to work, no matter how hard it was to get out of bed, they encourage me to keep going each and every day! The team members and our fabulous owners Terry and James, are hands down the most giving, inspiring, and honest people I’ve come across. Every day is filled with laughter, creativity, passion, and FUN!”

Violet, who was an experienced stylist before joining the NUOVO emphasizes, “I wanted to be part of a team so I applied to NUOVO. I’ve always heard great things about the company through the years and I was welcomed with open arms”.

Four women, likely artists, stand closely together, smiling and looking at the camera. They are indoors, dressed in casual to semi-formal attire. Some equipment is visible in the blurred background as they radiate confidence and showcase their full potential. - Nuovo Salon Group in Sarasota & Bradenton, FL

We Meet You Where YOU Are!

NUOVO is unique in that we excel at meeting professionals exactly where they are in their beauty adventure by providing specialized training programs. Regardless of a stylist’s background or experience, we offer an objective evaluation to determine the starting point. 

From there, the salon’s comprehensive training equips stylists with the knowledge and technical skills needed to reach the NUOVO standards of excellence. This commitment to education and hands-on technical training ensures that stylists are able to continually expand their knowledge and keep up with industry trends. 

Hannah discusses, “I’m almost ready to go on the floor and this program has changed me for the better in each and every way! I’ve grown immensely through my techniques, people skills, and creativity. I love NUOVO and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to start or continue their career in Sarasota”.

Violet adds, “I am doing their apprentice program and I am learning a lot. They will help me become an even better Stylist in the future”. 

Join our TEAM Today!

We pride ourselves on being a place of growth, opportunity, and endless creativity. The NUOVO environment is truly exceptional, bolstering a culture where stylists can collaborate, learn, and have fun together. 

Don’t miss the chance to become a part of our Team, join NUOVO today by contacting us here!