Gorgeous hair and skin, flawless style, and the transcendent Aveda experience is what we do. Making your day is why.

The team at NUOVO Salons has one overriding goal: to make your day. To make you look forward to your visit … to feel indulged, valued, and rewarded while you’re with us, from the first hello at the door to the smile back at yourself in the mirror. We want you to depart feeling better and happier than when you arrived.

For the guests who want regular image makeovers, to those who require their signature cut, color, and style delivered consistently and capably — we’re going to give you what you want. And we’re going to make sure you love your time with us.

We’re image architects.

The NUOVO team regularly receives advanced technical training, so your look is always impeccable. Thanks to the guests who motivate us daily, we’ve won national recognition for excellence in our industry, including a coveted spot in the Salon Today 200.

We’re AVEDA.

As AVEDA Lifestyle SalonSpas, we proudly uphold AVEDA’s superior standards — of attentive client care; the exclusive use of natural, sustainably derived products; respect for the environment; and a nurturing, holistic ambience.

We’re environmental advocates.

Every effort has been made in the design and construction of each NUOVO location to honor our surroundings and bodies. Our salons all run on 100% pollution-free electricity generated by local wind and solar projects and national clean energy provider Arcadia Power. Our guests only come into contact with purified water, free of chlorine and other contaminants. Drinking water, including organic coffee and herbal tea, has been further filtered by reverse osmosis. Our air is purified and our team follows strict policies of reuse and recycling on every level. The result: a culture of respect for what’s natural.

We’re here to stay.

When we opened our doors in 1986, NUOVO was the region’s only Aveda salon, the first locally to merge high fashion with relaxing rituals and superior natural products and techniques. The first to embrace the notion that salon appointments can do so much more than enhance a person’s outer beauty — they can actually make their day. And we’ve been striving to do that ever since.

Over thirty years and three salons later, our vision has never waned — indeed, it’s evolved. Our mission now is to constantly elevate our standards and advance the systems that support them. That’s because it’s not enough anymore to just make your day. We want to figure out new and improved ways to do it.

So, stick with us. You’ll love the ride. And you’ll look fabulous the entire time.