Our Salon Education Program’s Hidden Superpower

It’s not easy maintaining the status as “Best Salon in Sarasota,” but NUOVO is proud to claim that title year after year! 

One secret to our ongoing success is NUOVO’s award-winning, in-house stylist education program. 

It prepares Fresh Talent artists to succeed in a premier salon environment, while giving seasoned artists advanced skills and certifications to master in-demand services. 

We’ve always known our in-house training program is perfect for “unconventional stylists,” but now we are learning it’s uniquely ideal for those who’ve earned their cosmetology license within the past couple of years. (Spoiler alert: it’s all about CONFIDENCE!) 


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The “Pandemic Effect” On Cosmetology Students 

When the pandemic shut down beauty businesses in 2020, salons weren’t the only ones affected. Cosmetology schools switched to virtual learning and, later, to performing services while adhering to social distancing mandates. 

The result? Many newly licensed cosmetologists have missed out on opportunities for critical hands-on training and person-to-person guest interactions, compared to the students who came before them. 

For this reason, newly minted stylists tend to lack the degree of confidence their predecessors had. This is one of the biggest challenges we’ve noticed in the newest crop of budding superstars. 

Luckily, we didn’t have to skip a beat in meeting their unique needs. From day one, NUOVO’s personalized training has helped stylists to overcome any and every shortcoming, and ultimately empowered them to give every guest a stellar experience.


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Fresh Talent Training: Customized To Empower All Stylists

NUOVO’s Fresh Talent education program covers all the skills hair stylists need to thrive and grow in a high-end salon .  .  .  from the technical (cut, color, styling) to the cultural (professionalism, communication, five-star customer service). 

In the 3+ decades we’ve been training stylists, NUOVO has never taken a one-size-fits-all approach. One reason our Fresh Talent Education Program has won national awards in the salon industry is because our personalized training is tailored to each individual stylist, meeting them on their level at every separate skill they need to master. 

We’ve found this approach crucial for “unconventional” stylists .  .  . like those who earned their cosmetology license later in life, who took a long break from behind the chair and are now returning with rusty skills, or those who could simply use a good refresher in the fundamentals as well as training in more advanced services. 

Now that we’re working with newly licensed cosmetologists, we realize an area where so many of them need support is in confidence—in both their skill set, and in interacting with guests. 

Because we evaluate all incoming stylists without judgment or expectations, it’s easy to identify the areas that need work and to provide extra coaching, training or mentorship for as long as the stylist wants and needs it. 

The result is a new crop of Fresh Talent stylists who are confident and ready to kill it behind the chair .  .  .  knowing they can count on support from instructors and fellow teammates who ALWAYS have their back.


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What’s Best For Our Team Is Best For Our Guests!

One of the reasons why NUOVO places so much focus on stylist education is that having a knowledgeable, skilled and confident service provider is key to a five-star salon experience.  

When you know your stylist is fully prepared to deliver an amazing experience—and has a team of experienced educators backing them up—each NUOVO service lives up to our sky-high standards. Every guest, every stylist, every time! 

To make an appointment with Sarasota’s best-trained style team, call or text us at 941.684.9000 or click here. Interested in opportunities for stylists? Click here.