Why NUOVO Is The Right Salon Home For “Unconventional Stylists”

The road to hair styling success isn’t always a direct one!

Some stylists begin doing hair later in life, changing careers after they realize making people look and feel great is their true calling. Others got that early start .  .  . but after a long break due to family, health, or other life commitments, getting back behind the chair after “missing so much” can be intimidating. Other stylists worked in one area for a long time, only to pick up and move to a brand-new city, leaving their salon home and all their clients behind.

In any of these scenarios, there is a need to start fresh  .  .  . with real-life responsibilities they didn’t have at age 20. Add the burden of having to learn or relearn techniques, build a clientele from scratch, and quickly get comfortable with upmarket clients who expect the very best .  .  .  and it’s clear to see why so many “unconventional” stylists get discouraged.

If you (or someone you love) are this type of stylist, we have reassuring news! NUOVO Salons is a perfect landing spot, meeting the needs of stylists from all walks of life and launching them to success no matter their circumstances.

NUOVO’s team come from all walks of life, in all stages of their careers.


Why? Because our focus is on education first. All new stylists are evaluated to determine their skill level and experience, without judgment or expectations. No matter where they stand, our patient and thorough training is customized to bring them up to the NUOVO level of skill and guest care. We’re voted “Best Salon in Sarasota” year after year . . . so our guests expect only the very best in technique and customer care . . . and we teach our newbies how to deliver!

Stylist Salem Williams, who started at NUOVO in 2018, said she had not been working up to her full potential at her previous employment. “NUOVO supported my career by allowing me to start as an assistant and learn their way of doing things, as well as meet the client’s expectations,” she says, adding that her training has helped her finances as well as her confidence.

Classes, mentorship and “learning by doing” is NUOVO’s educational recipe for success.


“NUOVO has helped me to build my people skills,” she says, “and has taught me how to streamline my color services. I am working at a faster pace with the mindset of working ‘smarter, not harder.’ NUOVO helped me realize I can financially plan for my future and that this is not just a job, but an actual career. My goals are now much more achievable than I would have imagined.”

Joylynn Thomas, a NUOVO stylist who relocated to Sarasota in 2020, admits that “moving to a new city after doing hair in Tampa for 10 years was scary. But being able to work in a salon like NUOVO has earned me so many opportunities as I built my book . . . . . within the year DURING a pandemic!”


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Joylynn & NUOVO owner James Amato, celebrating her promotion to Designer Level 5.


Even though Joylynn was already an experienced stylist, she needed support to get her up to speed on life on the NUOVO team. “The training at NUOVO was immersive from the get-go,” she says, adding that the salon’s high-tech conveniences helped her in her day-to-day life as a service provider.

Also helping to ease Joylynn’s transition was personalized coaching in ways to fill her books and raise her paychecks. “Encouraging pre-booking has helped me build my book from day one,” she says. “Adding-on services with weekly and monthly goals has also helped, but mostly pre-booking guests, knowing they will be coming back at the correct time.”

“Also the commission scale encouraged me to grind, and hone in on my numbers more.”

Starting out as an assistant is the answer for new stylists who haven’t reached their full potential.


Helping stylists to learn skills like product sales and client retention has an immediate impact on their paychecks, as well as long-term impact on their career goals. Stylist Demitra Roldan says she has learned something from just about everyone at the salon. “Every day I watch them be all-around great, from their hairstyling skills, product recommendations, to how they interact with their guests. I believe NUOVO has a system that helps us all make more money,” she says.

“I struggled with product sales and pre-booking. With the help of my leaders I’ve made progress. I was trained on perspective, key words, and the importance of those aspects that make a successful stylist.

“My career goal is to be a master stylist. I plan on achieving it with continuing education and with the support of my mentors,” Demitra says. “Working at NUOVO allows me to have a work and family balance. I’m so grateful for this!”


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NUOVO’s high-tech conveniences like an online “Meet Your Stylist” matching tool helps build books.


Joylynn, who earned a promotion (and corresponding service rate increase) within two years of starting at NUOVO, loves the focus on having proper consultations with guests before the service begins.

“I’m most passionate about making my clients feel good—I want them always leaving with a smile,” she says. “My consultation time has really given me a chance to sit and talk to my guests about exactly what they are looking for during the service. Being able to have that consultation time truly has delivered great outcomes, without cutting into their service time.”

As of now, Joylynn is happily working her way up the ranks as a NUOVO stylist, though she has more ambitious career plans ahead. Encouraged by NUOVO owner James Amato and salon leader Christy Hutson, she has been toying with the idea of moving into salon leadership.

“James and Christy have been huge inspirations and truly encourage growth from within the salon and out of the salon,” she says. “I am grateful to have had the last two years of my career here at NUOVO, and many more years to come.”

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