Holiday Hair & Makeup Looks You Can Pull Off Easily

As magical as the holidays can be, we’re the first to admit that with all the goodwill, festivity and excitement also comes a fair share of stress. Though we know you’d love to come into Nuovo for expert hair and makeup services before every single event on your calendar  .  .  .  .  . we also know you’re probably way too busy for that!

So we want to share with you some simple beauty styling you can do yourself this season. These runway-inspired hair and makeup looks are special, on-trend and will elevate any party dress or holiday outfit.

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Smoky eye by Nuovo makeup artist Marissa Murphy

Best of all, they look like they were done by your own personal stylist, but we promise you, my dears .  .  .  .  . with a bit of practice, amateurs can easily pull off these fashion-forward holiday looks!

Practice makes perfect, so give them a couple test runs and soon you’ll be able to whip them out without much time and effort. Tuck in a sparkly hair accessory, fresh flower or even a cute holiday ornament to really complete the style.

We’re including the Aveda products used in these tutorials (all of which you can snag at your favorite Nuovo location!) .  .  .  .   .though feel free to substitute any of your favorite Aveda products that achieve the same objective.

After all, my dears, OUR objective is to make things easier on YOU! 


Products: Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray
Tools: backcombing comb, hairstyling clips, Aveda Paddle Brush, bobby pins

Though this hair tutorial is demonstrated on Abby’s lovely long locks, people with most lengths of hair can backcomb their crown for a more elevated (See what we did there?) effect. Short-haired beauties can do just the pompadour; those with medium- to long hair can create this half-up half-down style. The trick is to learn how to smooth over your backcombed hair without flattening it.


Products: Pure Abundance Style-Prep, Smooth Infusion Style-Prep, Shampure Dry Shampoo
Tools: Bobby pins, elastic

For this elegant updo, the thicker and smoother the hair, the better the outcome. Alex starts with Pure Abundance and Smooth Infusion Style-Prep before blow-drying, with Shampure Dry Shampoo after to add grip. Getting the “tuck and roll” techniques takes a bit of practice, but once achieved, this is a show-stopping look.


Products: Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep, Air Control Hair Spray
Tools: Blow dryer, flat iron (optional), elastic, bobby pins

We love this style for its versatility and practicality. This classic updo truly can be worn for all occasions from the office party to a holiday gala. It’s a tight protective bun, so you can set it and forget it.

Now on to makeup! With these looks, nailing the technique is what’s important. The Aveda shades used here look amazing, natch, but part of the fun of makeup is playing with different colors! Swap out the shades and go for it. You can use the same application techniques for daytime and evening events—use lighter and softer colors for more casual occasions, and go darker and dramatic for formal affairs.

For an extra pro tip: You don’t need to spring for a makeup-setting spray to keep these looks in place. A spritz of medium-hold hairspray gets the job done! Aveda’s Air Control is our makeup artists’ go-to, with its amazing fresh scent as an added bonus.


Products: Aveda Petal Essence Eye Definer in Black Orchid; Aveda Eye Colors in Black Orchid and Copper Haze
Tools: Aveda Eye Smudger Brush, medium eye color brush

Oh, the elusive smoky eye! Here is a straightforward way to achieve that glamorous, smouldering, sought-after look without the dreaded raccoon effect. Learning how to blend, blend, blend is the key to pulling it off—there should be no harsh lines here.


Products: Aveda Feed My Lips Lip Primer; Lip Liners in Currant and Pomegranate, Lipsticks in Chili and Acai
Tools: Aveda Smudger Brush

This technique is not only fashion-forward, but gives lips the illusion of a fuller, more plumped appearance. Blending is as important with ombré lips as with the smoky eye to achieve the desired gradient effect. The multitasking Aveda Lip Primer is the hidden star of the show here, as it keeps the colors from getting muddied.

Combine these hair and makeup looks for unforgettable, fetching holiday styles that will make them think you have your own personal stylist on your payroll! Shhh, we won’t tell.

Also remember that when you come into Nuovo Salons for your next appointment, you can ask your Aveda Artist to show you tips and tricks right there in the chair.

On that note: If you haven’t booked your holiday hair, makeup and/or nails appointment yet, my dears, click here to lock it in! During the holidays our books fill up faster than Santa’s lap, and we want you to get the time you need, when you need it.

Cheers to the most beautiful.  .  .  .  . and stress-free .  .  .  . holiday season ever!