Five Hair Color Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Fall

Autumn is the perfect season to switch up your look, and doing something different with your hair color is at the top of that list. Whether you’re wanting a subtle change or a complete 180, we can help you find a hair color you love. Need a bit of inspo? Here are some of our favorite trends we’re seeing for Fall 2019.


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Is that grey-haired woman in front of you in yoga class 27, or is she 72? Thanks to the “granny hair” trend, you may have a hard time figuring it out. Intentionally going silver or grey at any age is still en vogue, with the trend in 2019 moving toward grey blending (combining grey with other tones) instead of grey coverage (making the grey go away completely). Mixing subtle varying tones of grey and silver produce fabulous dimension and shine.

It’s a great look for anyone . . . . . . . and enhancing and celebrating grey is so much lower maintenance than covering it up. If you want to get on board with this trend, make sure you use a purple shampoo like Aveda’s Blue Malva to neutralize brassiness.


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When “fashion colors” first started to blow up in hair color years ago, only the most daring, out-there and creative types were coming into our salons to request day-glo hair. But these days, you don’t have to be a supermodel, world-class athlete or rap superstar to rock festive shades. Lately, we’re adding rainbow hues to the heads of CEOs, soccer moms and retirees!

We love that creative colors have gone mainstream, and for that reason we are positively giddy, my dears, about Aveda’s new color line, Vibrants! Like all Aveda hair color, the Vibrants line improves the condition of your hair; imparts superior shine and rich tones, and unlike other quick-fading fashion colors . . . . . these bold and bright hues last up to 15 washes.

Go ahead, embrace that inner mermaid or unicorn. Your fifth-grade self wholeheartedly approves.


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This season’s version of red hair veers away from warm oranges and coppers, and toward the other end of the color wheel with bluish undertones like dusky plum or deep chardonnay. Lighter complexions can opt for brighter berry shades, while darker complexions look amazing next to a deep merlot.

We love how customizable this hair color trend is. Like the spiced winter beverage that inspired it, mulled wine is rich, lush, delicious and memorable.


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This trend has less to do with adding color and more with adding super-reflective shine. For a subtle refresh that actually repairs hair . . . . . perfect for turning that summer damage around . . . . . ask us for an Aveda Shine Treatment. This demi-permanent gloss adds instant conditioning and shine, lasting up to 20 washes. With certified organic plant oils like kukui, sunflower, castor and jojoba, it visibly improves the condition of damaged, dry or dull hair.

You can either opt for a clear gloss or give your color a little boost by adding a subtle tint. (This is a great option for grey blending). It’s an ideal way to revive your hair and give it a lift without doing anything dramatic. Add a Shine Treatment to any hair appointment, or ask for it as a stand-alone quickie service.


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Brunettes in recent years have been all about those cool tones with their highlights (think ash or mushroom brown) but this fall, we’re seeing the pendulum swing toward adding warmth to espresso locks. Warmer shades like chocolate, caramel and honey bring softness and richness, and look great next to a wide variety of skin tones. Subtle lights (as shown) grow out beautifully, with little-to-no maintenance needed.

Need proof? Mandy Moore’s recent change to rich brunette with golden lights created a frenzy among celebrity-spotters who dubbed the look “autumn glow” and forecasted it as one of the top trends in hair color for Fall 2019.

No matter what’s happening on the red carpets and runways, my dears, the most important thing to remember about making a hair color change is that it has to feel like YOU! That’s why we take the time to have a detailed consultation with you before we pick up our brushes. We want to give you the hue that suits your skin tone, eye color, maintenance expectations, budget . . . . . . and, of course, your personality!

Ready to make a change? If you don’t have a colorist already, meet your perfect hair match here. If you haven’t had a color service at Nuovo yet . . . . . take $20 off your first one here. There is a bold, beautiful world of color out there and we can’t wait for you to experience it!