Caring for You in the New Nuovo Normal

So many ups and downs have come and gone since 1986, when we first opened NUOVO Salon’s doors. But nothing ever prepared us for this! In the midst of a crazy, scary and uncertain time . . . one constant thought in our minds was how much we wanted to reconnect with you, our treasured guests.

And now we can! We opened back up mid-May, and are so happy to say once again . . . welcome to NUOVO!

As excited as we are to open our three AVEDA salons in Sarasota and Bradenton, some things look and feel very different! We have implemented temporary, but significant policy changes to not only meet, but exceed the very highest standards of sanitation possible. “Safety is the New Luxury,” and we are at the head of the line in both arenas!

How Can You Get Back In Our Chair?

As far as making appointments, the keyword for our New NUOVO Normal is “flexibility.” Since we have capacity restrictions now, our books fill up fast and it’s best to schedule your appointment as soon as you know you need one. When you’re here, pre-booking your next appointment is the best way to ensure you get a coveted seat in the stylist chair at a time that fits your convenience.

“Above And Beyond” Safety & Sanitation

At NUOVO, we have always prided ourselves on the impeccable cleanliness and sanitary conditions of all three salon locations in Bradenton and Sarasota. And as a result, we have consistently received exemplary scores during Florida Department of Professional Regulation inspections.

In these COVID times, we are being extra vigilant to ensure we protect the health of you and our team. We have sanitized all locations with a non-toxic fogging treatment that protects the interior for up to 60 days. Additionally, we disinfect all surfaces continuously throughout the day.

No one with a temperature over 100.3 degrees may enter the salon. All team members will receive temperature checks before coming into the salon. They are required to wear masks, wash/sanitize their hands frequently, and sanitize their working area between each guest. Stations, chairs, and tools are disinfected and cleaned between and during each guest.

What Your Appointment Will Look Like 

When you arrive at NUOVO for your appointment, we kindly ask that you remain outside the salon (in your car is best) until your stylist is ready for you. Social distancing guidelines mean we will not be able to accommodate extra people in the salon, so we ask that you come unaccompanied and on time. We have Plexiglass barriers at the front desk, and will greet you with a salutation as opposed to a hug or handshake. (But don’t worry . . . that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited to see you!)

Government regulations stipulate that all guests must wear a mask while receiving services. One that loops behind the ears is ideal. We will try our best not to get any hair color or product on it, but we recommend using a disposable mask if you’re worried about stains! (If you’ve forgotten yours, we will provide one). Upon arrival, you will receive a temperature check, and be asked to sanitize your hands to ensure you are safe to enter.


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More Safety Protocols 

These are a few more changes you can expect to see:

  • We will not be offering magazines or beverages at this time.

  • Please only bring necessary belongings into the salon and please refrain from using large handbags: This reduces the number of surfaces that could contain germs.

  • We will be doing abbreviated blow drying to minimize your time in the salon. Why, for four reasons:

    • One: We’re working efficiently to get all requested appointments in.

    • Two: We need time to sanitize in between each guest.

    • Three: Our artists, wearing masks for the entire day, need frequent breaks to go outside and get all the fresh air they can.

    • Four: To reduce the air flow in the salons that can spread germs . . . . .

(Don’t worry, this is a temporary pause in your NUOVO Experience!) 


That’s our new normal—for now! We’re sad we can’t offer you the relaxing Aveda Rituals and other high-touch perks you’ve come to love about your Nuovo appointments . . .  but rest assured, those “wow factor” practices aren’t gone forever—only for now, and only to keep you safe!

We can’t thank YOU enough for all the support and patience you have shown us during this pandemic. This situation has brought on many challenges, as well as “silver linings” including a renewed appreciation for you, for each other, and for this amazing Sarasota community we love so dearly.

Stay following us on Instagram and Facebook for updates! Even if you are wearing a mask . . . we cannot wait to see your face!