5 Quick Beauty Upgrades To Bring You Gorgeously Into 2022

Time is always fleeting .  .  . and never more so than during the calendar-packed holidays. At the same time, there’s never a season when more photos are taken .  .  . so being camera-ready is always important!

Shave several steps from your beauty and grooming rituals over the holidays by spending just a little time with us at NUOVO Salons in Sarasota and Bradenton. We’ve got quick beauty enhancements that will last through the holidays while keeping you looking and feeling merry, bright and beautiful .  .  . no matter how hectic your schedule.

As with all salon services, book NOW! During December, our books fill up faster than Santa’s lap, so lock in your appointments as soon as you can.


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Ditch the mascara .  .  . toss the fake lashes .  .  .  forget about carving out 2+ hours to get eyelash extensions. Our new YumiLash services lift, thicken and tint your own lashes (in an hour or less) while nurturing them to grow back thicker! The effect lasts 4-6 weeks, so you can ring in the new year with your own gorgeous lashes.

The painless, hypoallergenic YumiLash process is quicker and less expensive than extensions, easier than applying and removing false lashes over and over, looks better than mascara (with no smudging) .  .  .  and is definitely more comfortable than all the above .  .  . because they’re YOURS.

Read all the deets here about this breakthrough beauty service—then call or text us at 941.684.9000 to make your YumiLash appointment at our First Street location.


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Great hair days always start with healthy hair. The bad news is: most of us have SOME degree of hair damage .  .  . from heat styling, chemical processes, hot sun, rough brushing and detangling, and the hard water that’s common in Sarasota.

The good news? The damage can be reversed in just 10 minutes at our shampoo bowl, with a professional-grade Botanical Repair treatment. It’s a more powerful version of the award-winning Botanical Repair product line, though both work the same .  .  . by rebuilding the bonds that make up your hair, from the innermost core to the outer cuticle.

The results are immediate: noticeably softer, stronger, shinier and healthier-looking hair that is faster and easier to style. Read up on the revolutionary (and VEGAN) Botanical Repair formula, and book your treatment by calling or texting us at 941.684.9000.


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Tweezing and brow pencils? Pass. When your eyebrows are professionally shaped and tinted, it not only cuts time from makeup and grooming routines, but it looks better than when you DIY. Refined eyebrows create a polished look without even the slightest hint of makeup. (Reference: our own Marissa and her flawless brows looking gorgeous sans cosmetics.)

Eyebrows accentuate the eyes, shape the face, and even play an important role in communication. Well-defined, perfectly proportioned brows elevate your whole aesthetic without you having to do a thing .  .  . which is kind of priceless during busy holidays. Book your brow services online here or by calling or texting us at 941.684.9000.


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Clear, supple, healthy skin is better than makeup or filters .  .  . hands down! Enjoy a noticeable difference in your skin’s tone, elasticity and radiance after our 30-minute Aveda Perfecting Plant Peel.

This botanical facial delivers the superior exfoliation of a traditional glycolic peel .  .   .   WITHOUT the irritation and redness. That means you can walk out of NUOVO with a glowing, visibly refreshed complexion, ready to move on to whatever’s next on your schedule! The gentle yet powerful facial instantly smooths lines and wrinkles, balances skin tone, and refines pores.

Treat yourself to a fabulous face throughout the holidays by booking a Perfecting Plant Peel online here, or call or text us at 941.684.9000.


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What if we told you an Aveda hair color service doesn’t have to take hours? If you’ve been our color guest before, you can cut to the front of the line!

For simple color maintenance like root retouching or all-over color, our Express Color service can get you in and out the door in WAY less time than a traditional hair color appointment, with the same results.

Here’s the skinny: at your appointment your colorist will custom mix and apply your Aveda color. We’ll set a timer on your cell phone for when to rinse .  .  . then send you home wearing a special head wrap you can use over and over for future Express Color services. All this takes 30 minutes or less.

At home, just wash your hair when it’s time (with the Aveda Color Conserve products we provide) and voilà  .  .  . vivid, damage free, long-lasting color! Read up on our Express Color Service here, and book one by calling or texting us at 941.684.9000.

If you feel pressured this month to do it all, be it all, finish it all and look gorgeous while doing it .  .  . stop, take a breath, and remember you can use your time wisely, my dears! Schedule our long-lasting, sanity-saving beauty upgrades .  .  . and love the way you look with a whole lot less effort.