Need A Lift? Love Your New YUMILashes

Throw away the eyelash glue… cancel that appointment to get your lash extensions redone. You can now have your own dream lashes! 

It used to be that if you wanted to “wake up like this” with long, thick, luscious lashes… the only answer was lash extensions. For higher maintenance lash envy, you’d have to apply and remove false lashes daily. But there IS a better way, my dears! 

YUMILashes—A Lash Lift For Naturally Thick Eyelashes 

At NUOVO’s First Street location in downtown Sarasota, we are now offering the YUMILash advanced keratin lash lift treatment. It gives your lashes the perfect long-lasting curl, thickness, tint and lift… and they’re ALL YOURS!

If you know anything about us at NUOVO, you know we search high and low for only the very best, safest and most natural products for our guests. We’ve found it in YUMILash… a painless, hypoallergenic, premium treatment that enhances your own eyelashes without uncomfortable extensions or false lashes. As it’s paraben-free and without harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, it perfectly fits our motto that “natural is best.” 

The treatment even restructures and strengthens lashes, making it the perfect solution for guests who have damaged their natural eyelashes with prior invasive lash services. 

We’re compelled to point out that awesome lashes have no gender! Men love the YUMILash treatment for a subtle natural-looking boost… to make their eyes look brighter, more youthful, rested and revived, without the “makeup” look and with zero maintenance. 

How Does The YUMILash Treatment Work?

Here is what will happen during your YUMILash lash lift service at NUOVO: 

Step 1: Enjoy the sensation of a coenzymeQ10 gel pad (with anti-aging properties) placed under your eyes during your treatment;

Step 2: Aloe vera is applied to lashes to moisturize them and promote strength and lash growth;

Step 3: A patented YUMILash solution, containing anti-inflammatory and cell renewal properties, goes on lashes—this helps to repair and restructure the lash hair;

Step 4: We finish with an innovative serum mask to hydrate and nourish the lash hair. The mask provides a deep conditioning for the lashes, and contains keratin proteins to further strengthen them, especially if they’ve been damaged or weakened by previous lash enhancements.

And that’s it! The results last the natural cycle of the eyelash, from 8-14 weeks, with no maintenance needed. Just walk out of NUOVO with your amazing, all-natural new lashes and go live your best life!  

We have team members certified to provide YUMILash keratin lash lift treatments at our First Street location in downtown Sarasota. So, just give us a call or text us at 941.684.9000 to schedule a new appointment or to add a lash lift onto your upcoming visit. 

We can’t wait to give you the gorgeous lashes you’ve always wanted—all natural, all yours!