NUOVO Academy: The Go-To School for Advanced Hair Education

Some may call it finishing school for hair . . . but we call it a master’s degree in hairstyling!

With the help of Beauty Backbone, our fine-tuned apprentice program is specially designed to integrate all facets of hairdressing.

There’s always more to learn—whether you’re a fresh graduate or an industry veteran, NUOVO Academy sets stylists up for success in a premier salon environment.

Class Is In Session

Don’t expect to sit at a desk all day—NUOVO Academy translates classroom content into a hands-on experience behind the chair.  With the pandemic limiting the opportunities many cosmetology students have had before obtaining their licenses, we realize it’s important to build our stylists’ confidence.

There is only one formal class held on Mondays, with the rest of our apprentices’ schedules completely flexible while they assist master stylists on the floor. As they apply classroom techniques to real-world settings, new stylists set the pace until they’re ready to shine.

We proudly provide a generalized, incisive curriculum to ensure our team masters the essentials from the ground up. Our modules focus on the foundations of hairdressing including Styling, Haircutting, Classic Highlighting, Hair Painting, Perming (Texture and Smoothing), and Upstyling.

A typical class includes theory, demos, hands-on learning, and test-outs where stylists work on mannequin heads and live models. Class sizes range from 3-12 students to build an intimate learning environment and foster closer relationships between peers and educators. Our modules are set up to get new stylists salon floor-ready in just seven months, so bolstering confidence is key!

Our Educators — The Best Of The Best

Choosing a mentor is one of the most invaluable choices in a career. Luckily, we make it easy at NUOVO. With our talented network of industry pros, our new stylists have all the resources they need to succeed in an evolving industry.

James Amato, co-owner of NUOVO and veteran hairstylist, is one of our talented educators, along with stylist Catherine and emerging stylist Beth.

We routinely offer additional advanced education with outside educators to expand our knowledge base. Most recently, we worked with Qnity, a global education company that provides tools that are trusted by top beauty and wellness professionals.

Our fabulous stylists are invested in our team’s education . . . and they will often volunteer to teach their favorite techniques. Matty teaches how to achieve long layers and work with VoMor Extensions, while Carla is a whiz at the ins-and-outs of men’s clipper cutting.

Advanced Education for Whole-Brain Learning

Advanced education means top-of-the-line resources and programs . . . and NUOVO Academy has all the tools a stylist could need. Through this program, new stylists have access to PurePro, Aveda’s online platform that gives stylists the ability to watch tutorials and learn online. Additionally, we encourage all stylists to attend at least two classes outside of our normal offerings.

Every stylist is different, and our program offers endless opportunities no matter their learning style! Our individualized approach targets the whole brain . . . from the creative to the analytical. With one-on-one mentoring and ample opportunities to practice, we ensure that every stylist feels heard and able to express their creativity.

The Next Generation . . . And Beyond

We stand by our promise to provide a luxurious five-star experience every time a guest steps foot through our doors. For us, that starts with nurturing confident, skilled stylists to join the next generation of elite beauty professionals. With the power of education, creativity and passion, we continue to raise the bar to the NUOVO standard, every time.

Ready to master your hair education? Call or text us at 941.684.9000 or click here to learn more about opportunities at NUOVO.