Keep Your Hair On Your Head (Not In Your Brush)

If you’re starting to see more and more hair in your brush .  .  . and less and less on your head .  .  .you might be inclined to jump right to external solutions such as wigs, extensions and toppers. While those are good ways to address severe thinning or loss of hair, my dears, we recommend starting with powerful solutions from nature.

Because there’s nothing better than loving your OWN lush, voluminous hair! 

Nutrafol—Hair Wellness From Within 

Nutrafol is an incredible supplement targeting the key biological factors that shorten hair’s growth phase, delay new growth, and cause new hair to grow thinner. It’s the first supplement to address thinning hair through whole-body wellness by targeting important imbalances in the body that adversely affect hair. Nuovo is carrying Nutrafol starting sometime in July .  .  . and offering 20% off your first bottle! 

The supplements are specifically targeted to women, men, peri- and post-menopausal women; stress issues; hormonal issues and more. 

Don’t just take our word for it .  .  . this is backed up by science! Clinical studies show Nutrafol is the real deal. 

Here are the results published in a prominent dermatology journal. Eighty percent of participants using Nutrafol Women saw thicker hair and better hair growth overall, and 73 percent saw improved growth rate. Here are the results published about the results for peri- and post-menopausal women for the Nutrafol Women’s Balance daily supplement. 100 percent of participants showed visible improvement in hair growth after 9 months; 80 percent saw less shedding after 3 months; and 76 percent saw thicker hair after 6 months.



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The Men’s and Women’s Ethnic Hair Study showed similar results. Eighty-four percent of women saw stronger hair with less breakage; 84 percent of women saw thicker hair; and 81 percent of men saw more scalp coverage. 

Nuovo is carrying the full Nutrafol range starting sometime in July and we are so excited to share these with our guests! Come in and shop safely, or call us for product recommendations and curbside pickup at 941.684.9000 .  .  .  and take 20% off your first Nutrafol bottle! 

Aveda Invati Advanced—Advanced Solutions For Thinning Hair 

Aveda’s collection of shampoo, conditioner, scalp revitalizer and NEW Intensive Hair & Scalp Masque uses nature’s finest products to instantly thicken, strengthen, and prevent breakage. It’s available in Light or Rich formulas depending on hair texture and needs, and sets hair up for optimal growth starting with its foundation .  .  .  the scalp and follicles.   

The Invati Advanced exfoliating shampoo cleanses and renews, setting up the hair and scalp for reception of growth-inducing ingredients (such as nature’s super herb, organic turmeric). The thickening conditioner weightlessly conditions and nourishes. The scalp revitalizer, powered by organic amla for instant thickening, creates an optimal scalp environment for healthy growth. The new masque is for deep nourishment of the scalp while thickening, strengthening and hydrating hair. 

Influencer Fiona Kolade of Finally Fiona dove into her journey with Invati Advanced. We adore all the details she gives about the core three-step system, how to use it, and her results. In her words: “This range has completely transformed my confidence levels in my hair.” Check it out here!

You can shop the Invati Advanced range curbside from our Bradenton and Sarasota locations by calling us at 941.684.9000 or buying online from us here

Remember, our Nuovo hair artists are also pros at hair cut and color techniques that make hair appear thicker, fuller and denser, too! Combined with our Nutrafol and Invati Advanced products to address hair thinning and loss naturally, our guests can enjoy the look and feel of lush, voluminous hair .  .  . that’s all their own! 

Call or text us at 941.884.9000 or click here to book your next appointment and to talk to us about solutions for hair thinning and loss. We want you to love your hair again, and we are here to make it happen!