Dream Hair, Right Here: Hand-tied Extensions Are Where It’s At

If you’re a guest of NUOVO Salons in Sarasota or Bradenton, you know health is our #1 priority when it comes to your hair. We’ve evaluated ALL the different hair extension options out there, because we’re meticulous about the products we use on our guests.

And up until now, just one type of extension has met our standards for quality and damage prevention: Vomor Tape-In Extensions.

Recently, Vomor came out with a more advanced hair extension option.  .  . one with endless benefits and virtually NO damage.  .  .  and well, how could we resist? Ta-daaaa: introducing Vomor Hand-Tied Extensions at NUOVO!

All hail hand-tied extensions! 

Hand-tied extensions are the most comfortable, customizable and non-damaging option for hair extensions, while looking and feeling ultra natural. They’re lightweight, but provide full coverage like a sew-in weave, with the durability of fusion extensions. No adhesives, heat or chemicals are involved in their application or removal.

If you’ve been loving your tape-in extensions and are curious about hand-tied .  .  . or have never experienced either, but would like to try .  .  . here are the most important things to know about tape-in and hand-tied extensions, and why we go to Vomor for both.

Not All Extensions Are Created Equal: Tape-In vs. Hand-Tied

Working with Vomor tape-in extensions over the years, we know a good product when we see one. The application is safe and gentle, and the quality is high enough that with the correct maintenance, they can be worn for up to six months.

Vomor tape-ins are wefts of hair applied at the root using medical-grade adhesive, bonding to your natural hair long-term. They’re easy to apply, remove and reapply, and .   .  . as they lie flat against your head .  .  . look natural. They’re great for guests who crave fullness and a bit of length.

Applying Vomor tape-in extensions.

But there are some guests for whom tape-in extensions aren’t ideal .  .  .   for instance, those with fragile hair that’s prone to breakage. Now that we’re offering hand-tied Vomor extensions, we have an option for them, too! Of all the types of hair extensions out there, we find hand-tied to be the most gentle and non-damaging.

Hand-tied extensions are great for guests looking for more length and are willing to invest in quality, comfort and length of use. With the right home care and commitment to come back every 6-8 weeks for reapplication, hand-tied extensions can last up to 10 months.

Beaded Up: How Hand-Tied Extensions Are Applied

The hand-tied method uses beads to attach wefts to your natural hair. Your stylist slips small silicone-lined beads onto tiny sections of your hair, then secures them in place. This creates the base for the extensions to sit against. Once the bead “frame” is finished, curtain-like wefts of hair are tied on by hand.

Applying Vomor hand-tied extensions.

The weight of the extensions are evenly distributed, resting on the beads instead of your natural hair. This greatly minimizes breakage or pulling at the root.

One of the key differences in Vomor hand-tied extensions is the weft itself. The hairs are individually tied onto a string base by hand – not with a sewing machine, which often creates a bulky base. With such a thin base, multiple wefts can be layered, creating much more voluminous looks.

This structure supports longer hair while remaining lightweight: so while tape-in layers max out at 20 inches, hand-tied extensions are available in 22-inch. They offer more hair with fewer points of attachment, reducing the risk of damage.


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Before, during and after applying Vomor Hand-Tied Extensions. Hair by NUOVO extensions specialist

Like its tape-in counterpart, hand-tied extensions look natural, meaning you can wear your hair up in the style of your choice without obvious “extension tracks” showing. Pop it up in a ponytail anytime, girl .  .  .  no one will know but you!

Hand-tied extensions are a good choice for most guests, especially those with damaged hair, those focused on longer, stronger hair, and those with dense hair who only want to add length. We’ve even been known to combine both hand-tied and tape-in on some guests for the best-case outcome .  .  . it’s all about customization for you.


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Glowing with health. Hair by NUOVO extensions specialist  o_dett3.

Hair Extensions Without Damage? Yep!

One thing we love about Vomor hand-tied extensions is how well they maintain hair integrity during the application and removal process. Vomor wefts even act as a shield protecting natural hair from damage.  .  . so you might find your natural hair looks and feels stronger after a few months with hand-tied extensions.

There are no potentially harmful adhesives, solutions, or heat used in the application or removal processes. The microbeads used for the base are durable and made with a lightweight silicone lining that slips easily onto the hair and minimizes weight on the follicle.

To remove, the stylist simply has to snip a few pieces of string and the weft glides off. For these reasons, we recommend hand-tied extensions to guests with fragile hair.

We’re now offering hand-tied extensions at our Landings and Cooper Creek locations. You’ll want to set up a consultation with one of our Vomor certified hand-tied extension specialists to answer all your questions and determine the best choices for your desired look, hair type, budget, and lifestyle and to receive custom pricing options.

Schedule a consultation by calling or texting us at 941.684.9000, or by booking it online here.

So what’ll it be: tape-in, hand-tied or maybe both? Whichever way you go, you CAN get your absolute dream hair in one appointment.  .  .  and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!