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Oct 30 2015

A Luxe New Look For The Landings

The Grande Dame is getting a makeover!

Shortly after we threw open the doors of our phenomenal Cooper Creek location last February, we have promised Nuovo’s guests and salon team that we’d show similar design love to our flagship location at The Landings. After all, we’ve been running on all cylinders at that spot since 1993. It’s…

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Sep 30 2015

Europe’s Volumizing Calligraphy Cut — Nuovo’s Got It!

For clients who desire body and movement for their hair, the revolutionary Calligraphy Cut is a miracle worker.

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Aug 31 2015

All About Intercoiffure

Have you ever noticed this logo on our website or in our salons?


Probably. And, if you’re not in the beauty industry, you’ve probably…

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Jul 31 2015

Why Join (Or Stay Part of) The Nuovo Team?

At Nuovo, we tend to do things a little differently than the average salon. Because if we blend in with everyone else, we’re only going to attract employees who blend in — and that’s the last thing we want.

Nuovo Salons are made up of people who appreciate and fit our company culture, and want to make sure it stays strong within our team. Not only the team they work with on a daily basis,…

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Jun 26 2015

Cher Did It First (And Best)

As many of you may know, here at NUOVO we carry a torch for the first woman so iconic she needed only one name: Cher. While Cher’s reign began four decades ago, it’s far from over. Whether she’s starring in the new Marc Jacobs campaign or acting as inspiration for Kylie Jenner’s Coachella look,…

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