Why NUOVO Never Looks Its Age


From teased-to-Jesus bangs to balayage .  .  .  we’ve come a long way, baby!

NUOVO Salons is turning 35! It’s been quite a ride since we opened as Sarasota’s first Aveda salon in 1986. Since then, hair trends have definitely changed (and we’ve stayed on top of them all)! But, our commitment to giving our guests a 5-star, day-making experience .  .  . and giving our team advanced training to master the latest trends and techniques .  .  .  remains just as strong as the day we started dreaming of opening Florida’s most exciting, fashion-forward and progressive salon.

Thirty-five years and two more salons later, we have SO MUCH to be proud of about the NUOVO brand!

Owners James Amato & Terry McKee in 2000 before opening their second location at The Landings


Fab, Fresh and Forever Young 

Let’s start with our INNOVATION. Like pop-star icons that never seem to age, constantly evolving with the times .  .  . NUOVO remains the salon destination for fashion- and style-obsessed guests seeking hot trends and in-demand services. Not only does every NUOVO stylist, from apprentice to seasoned pro, get top-tier training to hone their skills .  .  .  but we are constantly on the lookout for fresh new products, services and techniques to stay at the cutting edge of beauty.

That’s just one reason we are constantly voted “Best Salon in Sarasota” year after year.  Hey .  .  .  if Cher can hit #1 on the charts every decade since the 60s, we at NUOVO can keep on slaying over time, too!

Forever on top of the trends. Hair by Arielle, @earlbeauty


Eco-Friendly Before Eco-Friendly Was Cool 

We’re so proud of our SUSTAINABILITY. In 1986, NUOVO introduced Sarasota to Aveda’s eco-friendly mission to “set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility.” We believe Sarasota is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and strive to protect its stunning natural resources.

That means using only products that are natural, non-toxic and cruelty free (and in Aveda’s case, 100% vegan!). NUOVO is a Green Circle Salon, recycling and safely disposing of salon waste and chemicals. We use sustainable furnishings, lighting, water and energy sources; and we fundraise for charities including Captains for Clean Water, Healthy Gulf and Charity: Water. In fact, in 2015, after taking major steps in sustainable practices ahead of any other salon in the state, NUOVO Salons were designated Florida’s Greenest Salons.

James, Terry & Marissa Murphy (@styled.by.marissa) at the 2017 NUOVO Earth Month Walk for Water

Like A Well-Oiled Machine (That Smells Amazing) 

We also can’t help but brag about our SYNERGY. Every team member is a critical part of a massive system that serves thousands of guests every month and ensures they all leave with a smile. Their commitment to teamwork is impressive. Our team is diverse, but they all have certain traits in common. They’re creative, fashion-forward, hard-working, never satisfied with being average .  .  .  and they all strive to make their guest’s day, every day. They’re team players who truly support, help and root for each other.


Terry, James & longtime Guest Care Goddess, Donna Kelly at the NUOVO Landings opening in 2000


Setting the example of synergy and teamwork are NUOVO’s owners, James Amato and Terry McKee. This dynamic business duo proves the best partnerships are ones where both sides bring complementary strengths to the table. Left-brained James is the logical, logistical genius who prefers to stay behind the scenes, while right-brained Terry provides the innovation and creativity .  .  . usually in the spotlight! ]

Together, they have achieved long-term success for NUOVO while continuously evolving the business to stay fresh, new and cutting edge. Their synergy is a huge reason NUOVO is featured on the prestigious Salon Today 200 list for successful salon business practices, in multiple categories, year after year.

Terry and James accepting one of many Salon Today 200 awards in 2011


High-Touch and High-Tech  

We take so much pride in our passion for TECHNOLOGY. That goes hand-and-hand with staying modern and relevant .  .  . while giving our guests as much convenience as possible. Not only was NUOVO one of the first salons in the Suncoast region to have a .  .  . what do you call it?  .  . . WEBSITE, but we update it constantly with features like online booking and shopping, stylist matching, special deals and rewards.

Our clients love being able to book appointments and ask questions by texting, as well as our curbside pickup service so they can grab their favorite Aveda products to go (along with a whiff of a calming Aveda aroma as a special touch on a busy day).

Guest-care champion Erin seamlessly keeps appointments flowing using the latest in salon technology


Not only does our commitment to technology serve our guests .  .  .  but we give our team the digital tools they need to save time, save waste, communicate more effectively, and make it easier to meet and exceed guests’ expectations.

The Best Guests In The World. Period! 

Reflecting on why we’re so proud of the NUOVO brand, we are most grateful for our GUEST LOYALTY. We’ve gone through life’s ups and downs with so many longtime guests .  .  . some of whom have been coming to NUOVO since we opened!

That means celebrating joyful moments like weddings, proms and baby showers .  .  . supporting them through difficult journeys with conditions like alopecia or cancer .  .  . and just providing a listening ear for every subject under the sun that comes out in the stylist chair ( . .  .  And trust, that is EVERY subject, my dears!)

Terry styling beautiful bride Christine Becker Griffith in the 1980s


We are so honored to share in our guests’ lives .  .  . and we never, ever take their trust in us for granted.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to NUOVO’s story for 35 years. Whether you worked here, have been a guest, or are among our wonderful neighbors at our three locations in Bradenton and Sarasota .   .  .  you are part of why NUOVO stands strong today, better than ever, celebrating 35 years and looking forward to many, many more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!