NUOVO Gives Back: Wine, Women & Shoes

The best part of the holidays, as we know, are the parties. And what better than a fabulous party with a meaningful mission…and a super fun theme?

This is why we were so excited to attend Wine, Women & Shoes, a weekend benefit at the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota, filled with fashion, dancing, sips and sweets.

NUOVO has been an active sponsor for over ten years, and our stylists were thrilled to do hair and makeup for the event once again.

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With over 600 women attending, Wine, Women & Shoes is the biggest event in Sarasota during the holiday season, and we’ve been missing it for the last couple of years. Now, for the first time since the pandemic, we finally got to gather together in person to raise money for the Forty Carrots Family Center, an amazing organization that helps support young children…educationally, emotionally and creatively…to set them up so they become wonderful adults.

“NUOVO has been a partner, sponsor, supporter for many years—I would say we’re going on over 20 years together. Not only are James & Terry talented, wonderful businessmen & amazing people, they just have the biggest hearts through everything that they do for the community. They really believe in Forty Carrots mission and giving children the best possible beginning—because we all know that doing that gives them a better life in the future. They really are dedicated to that and we just adore them personally, along with their entire team. They help us in big and small ways—they’re always engaging whoever they’re working with to help along too. We’re a family center and we operate that way, and we really want everyone to become part of our Forty Carrots family, and Nuovo for sure is a big part of our family.” ~ Michelle Kapreilian

The event weekend lasted from Thursday November 17th through Saturday November 19th, and included a Vintners Reception and Winemaker Dinners…but the premier mainstage event we enjoyed the most was the Signature Luncheon on November 18th.

This year’s luncheon consisted of a fashion show, a gourmet lunch, wine sales and a whole slew of fantastic vendors. The best part…in our totally unbiased opinion…was the hair in the fashion show, done by your favorite Nuovo stylist rock stars. And since the theme was disco, we were so excited to style the models with fabulous wigs and high-end glam. After a bunch of thoughtful planning, we perfected some fierce and phenomenal styles.

And of course, after the fashion show, we had to stay and enjoy the champagne lounge and dancing. With a disco theme, we couldn’t miss out on the party…

We were so excited to be backstage once again with Wine, Women & Shoes. There’s nothing better than being able to creatively express yourself as artists while also supporting a great cause. And for those in attendance…what a fun time it was to eat, drink, dance, network, shop and see some amazing fashion and beauty.


At NUOVO, COMMUNITY is one of our core values…we recognize the importance of giving back to the causes we believe in. By participating in Wine, Women & Shoes, we got to work together as a team to express appreciation for not only the beauty community but the local community.

“For me personally, my favorite part of the event is how it brings people together. There’s just something very special about the energy in the room with primarily women there with their friends & just really having a good time, doing good for the community and being together. It’s just a very unique experience.” ~ Michelle Kapreilian

In addition to Wine, Women & Shoes, NUOVO has also actively fundraised for various organizations, including The Make a Wish Foundation, The Red Ribbon Gala, local food banks, hurricane relief and the Community Health Network.

To learn more about NUOVO’s upcoming events, call 941.684.9000 or visit our website.