6 Reasons To Go Lighter in 2021

Stop, drop . . . . and blonde! At Nuovo Salons – the best salons in Sarasota and Bradenton, FL – we’re raising the bar in 2021. Why not apply that mentality to your hair color?

Whether you crossed to the dark side or you simply want to brighten your features, we have the perfect blonding services for you.

Let’s start with the best reasons to go lighter . . . . but really, who needs an excuse?


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1. You want to add dimension to your hair.

It’s easy to get that sunkissed glow for spring and summer by adding interest to your hair with highlights. You don’t have to go all out (although we encourage it). Even a few subtle pieces make all the difference.

Need an easy way to make your eyes pop? During your next appointment, ask your stylist to focus highlights around your face. These face-framing pieces complement your natural coloring to radiate that “just got back from vacay” glow.


2. You want optimal grey coverage.

We love sparkles . . . . but sometimes, we don’t love them in our hair. If your silver strands are peeking through your color, consider going lighter. Brighter shades easily blend the greys, allowing you to go longer between appointment times.

Light hair has been praised as the ultimate age defier . . . .  especially if you stick to the warmer golden or honey tones. Talk to your colorist about these shades to achieve that youthful glow.


3. You want to try bold fashion colors.

We get it . . . . nothing catches your eye like rainbow hues. Fashion colors are gorgeous and show-stopping—but if you want to achieve depth in your color, you have to walk before you run! And that means taking your hair lighter.

Think about it this way: if you color in a piece of dark paper, the marker won’t show up. It’s the same with hair .  .  .  .  so to get that vivid green or pop of pink, blonde is the best shade for you.

For dark-haired beauties, fashion color sessions can take hours. If your hair is a darker shade, ask your colorist if you should book a separate service to pre-lighten your hair. Two shorter appointments might be easier on you and your schedule than one marathon session.


4. You want to complement your natural coloring.

There’s nothing quite like finding your perfect shade. The right color perfectly complements your skin tone—suddenly, everything about your look is intentional and effortlessly cool.

If you’re in search of your ideal hue, you’re in luck. There’s a blonde for everyone! Platinum, buttery, honey, golden, ash .  .  .  .  the range of blonde possibilities is endless. Ask your stylist what shade of blonde would work best with your coloring, and you’ll be on your way to dewy, sun-kissed beauty.


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5. You’re worried about keeping your healthy locks.

Blonde gets a bad rap. It’s true that going lighter can cause damage . . . . if done incorrectly! Luckily, hair health is always our main concern. We will analyze your hair’s type, texture and history to make sure our blonding process is the best for your gorgeous strands.

The best part? Aveda color is 93% naturally derived and essentially damage-free. Equipped with fade-resistant technology and nourishing plant oils, Aveda’s color line is customizable just for you.

If you really want to pack a nutrient punch, consider booking a treatment along with your lightening appointment. Aveda’s Botanical Repair professional treatment repairs existing damage while preventing future wear and tear. In just 10 minutes, your hair will look and feel better than ever.


6. You just want a change.

Change is in the hair, darlings! Playing with color is the perfect way to refresh your look. Going lighter provides a multitude of options that keeps your color fresh and exciting. Try a different shade of blonde than usual or ask for a different highlight placement—consult with your hair color specialist about your best options.

No matter your hair color goal, Nuovo Salons has the perfect blonde for you. Book your color appointment here or by calling/texting 941.684.9000 and realize your blonde ambition.