5 Reasons We’re Devoted To The Cezanne Smoothing Keratin Treatment

A person with curly brown hair and wearing a gray hoodie smiles broadly against a blue background. - Nuovo Salon Group in Sarasota & Bradenton, FL


As lifelong denizens of gorgeous (but hot and humid) Sarasota—we’ve tested so many smoothing treatments over the years we practically hold an advanced degree in Frizz Fighting. In 2019, we hit the jackpot solution.  .  .  .  the unicorn combination of non-toxic ingredients and super effective results. Since we introduced the Cezanne Smoothing Keratin Treatment to our guests, we’ve never looked back!

The more we’ve performed this miracle service over the past two years, the more we love it. Back then, we gave you the FAQs about the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment, now we’re here to tell you our top 5 reasons why our devotion to Cezanne has only gotten stronger with time.

1. It’s Totally Customizable To Each Guest

Banish the idea that “keratin treatment” has to equal “stick-straight.” While the Cezanne service can indeed deliver sleek tresses if you want, it can also remove frizz while keeping natural curls and waves defined, tamed, soft and manageable. For all textures, blowouts turn out silkier and smoother.

2. It Has Natural Ingredients & No Harmful Chemicals

Most traditional keratin treatments contain formaldehyde. Here at Nuovo Salons, harsh chemicals are a big no-no .  .  .  .  .   non-toxic and eco-friendly is how we roll. Cezanne uses natural ingredients; for instance, extracts from lemon and crab apple to open the cuticle and let the keratin enter the hair’s cortex. Stylists don’t even have to wear gloves while applying the solution! That’s how gentle it is.

3. It Saves Time & Money

One big reason our guests keep coming back for Cezanne treatments is they love having beautiful, easy-to-style hair with lowered maintenance time and product use. A Cezanne treatment adds shine to all textures, cuts blow-dry time by 30-50%, reduces styling time, allows for wash-and-go and air drying without frizz, and provides the longest-lasting blow-drys, even in the full heat and humidity of summer.

4. You Can Get It Wet Immediately

That may not seem like a huge deal, but hair services shouldn’t rule your life, right? Traditional keratin treatments require handling your hair with kid gloves for a few days afterward .  .  .  .  meaning no moisture, no humidity, no ponytails or clips. None of this is true with the Cezanne treatment. As soon as you leave the salon you can jump in the pool, work out and then shower, hit the beach, jet off to your dive trip to the islands .  .  .  .   whatever you want! No need to put your routine on hold in exchange for beautiful hair.

5. Your Hair Gets Better And Better

Unlike traditional keratin services, the Cezanne Smoothing Treatment doesn’t weaken your hair follicle over time. With nourishing ingredients including vitamins, botanicals and sericin (a natural component of silk), your hair looks better with each treatment. Not only is it non-drying, but it’s actually hydrating (which is part of that insane shine it delivers). Cezanne plays well with color and other major treatments. Go ahead and get your color done the very same day, and walk out totally transformed.

The Cezanne Smoothing Treatment takes more or less 3 hours, depending on hair length, thickness and texture. Before your service, you’ll have a detailed consultation with your stylist to determine exactly the type of results you want. The treatment lasts from 2-3 months (hint: the more closely you follow your Nuovo stylist’s home-care advice, the longer it lasts).

To schedule your Cezanne treatment, call or text us at 941.684.9000 or book your appointment online to visit our First Street, The Landings or Cooper Creek locations. Deciding to take the Cezanne plunge is the easy part .  .  .  .  . now you just have to figure out what to do with all that spare time you’ll have!