4 Reasons Why Cezanne Smoothing Treatments Are A Summer Staple

Let’s make your beach days a little more carefree! As one of Florida’s Greenest salons, we place your wellness at the very top of our lists . . . and that means making sure that all of our services and products are non-toxic and damage-free. That’s why we love Cezanne treatments to smooth hair and fight the “F” in frizz!

Here are four reasons why we are obsessed with Cezanne (and you should be, too).

1. Cezanne smooths and nourishes all hair types and textures.

Want to take charge of your beach waves, frizz-prone locks, or gorgeous coils? The Cezanne treatment smooths all hair types and textures for up to five months . . . resulting in easy, breezy styles all season long. By harnessing the power of keratin, B vitamins, botanicals, and sericin (a natural protein); this treatment loosens curls, flattens frizz, and adds luster to even the most unruly hair.

2. The treatments are completely safe and nourishing (even for damaged hair!)

Many current smoothing treatments on the market contain nasty ingredients such as formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals. These ingredients are not only dangerous for your beautiful locks, but they are devastating to the health of stylists, guests, and our beautiful planet.

Luckily, Cezanne treatments are free from all damaging ingredients . . . in fact; they are formulated quite differently. While smoothing treatments containing the carcinogen formaldehyde break down bonds in the hair to help “relax” unruly locks, Cezanne adds keratin to strengthen and repair.

Because Cezanne leaves your hair in better condition than ever, it is completely safe to smooth damaged hair. While other treatments are a big “no-no” for hair that needs a little TLC, Cezanne lifts the cuticle only a small amount, allowing nourishing ingredients to penetrate without damage. If your hair is breaking, Cezanne strengthens it with botanicals, allowing it to grow thicker and stronger.

3. The process is easy, breezy and only four steps.

STEP 1: We apply detoxifying shampoo to prep your hair.

STEP 2: We power dry your hair to start the application.

STEP 3: We apply the Cezanne solution and let it process for 30 minutes.

STEP 4: We rinse, blow dry straight, and flat-iron hair to lock-in the Cezanne.

The entire process takes only one and a half to two hours . . . and after that, there is no downtime required! You can head to the beach, go for a dip, or throw it in a ponytail, which is definitely not the case with other smoothing processes.

4. The maintenance is our favorite kind: LOW.

Cezanne treatments last three to five months for most guests, depending on how frequently the hair is shampooed. The only after-care product needed is a sulfate-free shampoo! Results fade gradually over time and never leave behind a harsh line of demarcation . . . making this treatment a great choice for those transitioning from chemical straightening to their natural texture.

Plus, the more Cezanne treatments you get, the better the results. If you invest in these treatments repetitively, it lasts longer and you get better results over time.

Now that you know about Cezanne, it’s all smooth sailing (and smooth hair days) from here. Book your appointment online here.