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Jan 05 2018

3 Healthy Habits We Promise You Have Time For

Hello, 2018! So yes, we’re excited to see all of the adventures this year will bring. But let’s be real. Instead of making a long list of resolutions we know we won’t keep (only 8% of people do, loves) let’s do things a little differently. We’re out to make three small changes that will make big improvements on our mental and physical health. Keep reading for three easy new habits you can resolve to make happen for real...for a better you.

#1- Exfoliate

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We’re not being dramatic when we say we can’t stress this enough: (imagine a well-manicured finger pointing at you right now… ready?) For God’s sake, exfoliate regularly. It’s seriously a must-do for a healthy, glowing complexion (and self-confidence, which does wonders for your mental health, too). 

First, exfoliating regularly slows down aging by getting rid of dead skin cells that leave fine-lines and wrinkles (two of our most dreaded foes).  It also removes leftover dirt and evens out your skin tone. Another reason we scrub our skin regularly: it improves our skin texture (who doesn’t want softer, smoother skin?)

While picking out the right exfoliation product may seem intimidating, it’s really pretty easy. For thick, oily skin we recommend Aveda’s Tulasara Radiant Awakening Ritual (it uses small granules to take away the tired top layer of skin).  Just rub the soft, nylon bristled brush in a circular motion to lift away the dead skin. It’s gentle, yet effective for gorgeous, glowing skin.

For drier, more sensitive skin, Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Radiant Skin is liquid gold. The natural acids like citric and lactic dissolve the dull, dirty top layer of skin revealing softer, smoother skin underneath. 

#2- Practice Gratitude

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Not to sound obvious, but making even small changes in your attitude makes a big difference in your mental health (and can even help physical health). We strive to see our glass as completely full (instead of half-full or half-empty) and it has done wonders for our spirit!! Last month, we made a list of things we had to be grateful for, and it reminded us of how truly #blessed we are and that showing gratitude really does improve our outlook.

This year, we suggest taking a moment every day (yes, even the really bad ones—especially the really bad ones) to think of something in your life you’re thankful for (your pet, best friend, significant other, the barista who gets you your coffee in peace…) Whether you give a heartfelt thank you to a friend in person, send a text out of the blue or make a list in a daily journal, expressing your gratitude can be easy. The key is taking a moment each day to do it. We like to set a phone alert to make that moment happen.

Bonus: Showing gratitude has been shown to not only improve your mental and physical health—other benefits include helping make new friends, improving sleep, enhancing empathy, increasing self-esteem and improving mental strength.  

#3- Stretch

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We know you know… Everyone knows they should stretch, but it’s one of those things that often gets pushed to the backburner as we (both literally and figuratively) sprint through busy days and weeks. Adding stretching to your daily routine will increase your blood flow to boost your energy (and help you kick that 3 pm carb attack). Plus, it will boost your balance, relieve stiff muscles and can even lower your blood sugar. But perhaps one of the best reasons to keep touching our toes and reaching for the stars: it’s been known to relieve stress. And we could all use a little more stress relief in our lives… 

Looking for a few moves to get you started? Check out these tips from Aveda.

We like a good stretch first thing out of bed, mid-morning, then again around 3.

We’re on board. Are you?

Here’s to sharing an even happier, healthier 2018 together!


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