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Sep 04 2011


Recently, while looking around the busy styling floor of the salon, the word appreciation kept coming into my awareness.  Not just appreciation for how busy the salon is, but for the smiles of appreciation I noticed on our guests’ faces.

The comments around what a nice place this must be to work.  The comment made by one of our apprentices, that a guest felt moved to pass on, around being a part of the NUOVO team while learning so much.  The frequent question: How long have I been coming to you?  10 years? 20 years? Over 30 years? (BN = Before NUOVO).

So often it’s easy to see what’s not working, especially when one owns a business . . . and especially when that business serves the public . . . and ESPECIALLY when that business is about hair!
But how often do we take the time to appreciate what is working?  We actually have the power to make someone’s day . . . On a variety of levels . . .

I found myself this particular day actually appreciating the appreciation that was coming my way, taking in all the expressions of appreciation and really acknowledging each and every one of them.  What a shift in awareness this was!  I took it further, the team I work with, the salons, the fact that our business has survived through this economic confusion, only to celebrate 25 years this year.

And I kept going, throughout the day and into the evening, appreciating our beautiful community, the water, the blue sky . . . My car as I drove home . . . My house as I pulled up . . . My amazing Schnauzer posse, Powder, Paint & Pi . . . It was truly an appreciation-fest!

With one of the self-help buzzword phrases of the last few years being: Live in the NOW, I found myself appreciating the here and now.  Not the usual – more, more, more – better, better, better, but the actual here and now, acknowledging just how much I had to appreciate, right here, right now.

Not long ago I had a friend (who is also a client) in my chair who was in absolute breakdown, on the phone, crying, in major fear, what we might call “in a real pickle”.  All of a sudden it occurred to me that she was projecting the whole scenario into the future, without really knowing where it might go.  So I verbalized that, asking her if it wasn’t true, that right here, right now, didn’t she have everything she needed?  I mean, seriously, she was sitting in a beautiful salon, ready for a great haircut, and, frankly, who really new how this current story would really end?  She (almost) instantly calmed down . . . and we went on to chat about how there was no way to really know how the story would unfold!

So the next time you’re having a not-so-great day, mulling over the past or worrying about the future, try this:  Just stop for a minute, and start appreciating, making the time to appreciate everything about your life, in the moment, in the NOW . . .

Later . . .

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