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Dec 06 2018

The Next Best Thing to Cloning Your Stylist

We hear it all the time. “I love how my hair looks when I leave Nuovo .  .  .  .  . I wish I could bring my stylist home!”

Oh my dears, if we could clone ourselves we’d all be there to give each and every one of you regular blow-drys in the comfort of your own home. And we feel your pain when it comes to DIY blowouts. Standing in front of the mirror, straining to smooth every strand is time-consuming .  .  .  .  .  and doesn’t quiiiite result in that swingy, shiny hair you get when your Nuovo stylist does it. 

But never fear, we have a blowout solution we swear by! (And it doesn’t involve cloning!) The combination of Aveda’s new Speed of Light Blow Dry Accelerator Spray plus Ergo’s Ionic Ceramic Round Brushes will take your home blow-drying regimen from tedious to effortless and bring the results to the next level.

With these two items, a flawless blowout is within your reach .  .  .  .  . literally! 

The Dynamic Duo

Alone, the Ergo brush and Speed of Light spray work wonders, but our stylists have found that together, they create a shiny, healthy blowout in as little as half the time it normally takes.  

If you haven’t tried Speed of Light yet, let us introduce you with a few FAQs: 

1. How will it cut down my blow dry time? As in all Aveda products, it’s all about the ingredients in Speed of Light. Naturally-derived lactic acid from sugar beets smooths and helps seal the hair’s cuticle. This allows for enhanced fiber separation. Increasing the air flow around the fibers helps decrease your dry time  .  .  .  .  . nature and science for the win! 

2. Can I use it with my other fav products? Absolutely! Think of Speed of Light as a primer you put on to protect your hair before the rest of your styling routine. Spray it on clean, wet hair to protect against heat damage and reduce breakage from blow-drying. Then proceed with your other products as usual.

3. How does it feel? Because Speed of Light contains no silicones and isn’t greasy, your hair will feel soft and smooth with lots of bounce and a sleek finish.

4. Is it too heavy for my fine, silky hair? Nope! Even if your hair is fine and naturally dries quickly, you’ll benefit from using Speed of Light. It's a heat protectant that helps reduce breakage and tames flyaways without weighing your hair down.

5. My hair gets super tangled, will this help? It sure will! Remember those natural ingredients we talked about? They detangle, too. Speed of Light uses a corn-derived humectant and coconut-derived conditioners to easily brush through tangles. 

6. I never know how much product to use; what are the usage guidelines for Speed of Light? The Speed of Light bottle has a “high dosage, fine mist” sprayer, which means the spray pattern has been analyzed so you’re giving your hair the perfect coverage every time you use it. A few spritzes will cover and protect every time.

To maximize Speed of Light’s benefits, we use it with Ergo’s Ionic Ceramic Round Brushes.


Our stylists have found the super-long handle and barrel (20 percent longer than other brushes) on the Ergo brush make it easy to reach every spot on your head when you’re blowing out your own hair.

Here are a few more reasons we love the Ergo:

• Heat-resistant nylon bristles infused with tourmaline give a longer-lasting, humidity-resistant finish;

• Silicone handle allows for great grip and control;

• The seamless handle and recessed end cap stops hair from snagging;

• Carbon in the bristles prevent melting up to 500°F.

Try it Out!

We want your hair to look amazing every day, not just the day you leave the salon. The next time you’re in Nuovo, pick up a bottle of Speed of Light and an Ergo brush to take home so you can perfectly recreate your look. 

The brushes come in five sizes ranging from 1.5-inch to 3.5-inch diameter barrels. Your Nuovo stylist will know which one is right for your style. Ask them for a quick tutorial to get you started. 

Shiny, healthy hair scented with Speed of Light’s signature aroma (mandarin, star anise and ylang ylang) will be yours in one QUICK blow drying sesh!

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