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Apr 13 2018

Spring Hair Trends & The Easiest Way To Change Up Your Look

It’s spring trend time! Here are our favorite new hair cut and color looks we’re creating, straight off the runways and the ‘gram. If you’re intrigued, you can eliminate the guesswork of making a major (or even a minor) hair change by using SnapSnip, our online consultation service. We can tell you what it takes (and how much it costs) to get your new look, before you even grace our presence.

Browse the trends, and read on for deets on how to set up an online consultation!


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BANGS: We’re seeing them everywhere—on celebs, influencers and that girl in your office who always looks like a million bucks. Bangs are memorable, powerful, and pack that punch in ways similar to a bold red lip. And because we know bangs can be a big change—an online consultation is a great step if you’re thinking about making it. (Because let’s be real, we’ve all asked, “Should I get bangs?” in your group text one too many times.) 

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TEXTURE: The lived-in, shaggy look is everything this season. It’s fun, cool, effortless, a little rebellious—and oh, so easy to achieve. The recipe for newly-textured spring tresses? Add some choppy layers and a spritz or two of Aveda Texture Tonic, our end-all-be-all sea salt and sugar spray that packs texture without the crunch.

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SHORT STYLES: From lobs to pixies, this season, it’s all about making those ends shorter. Call it our way of spring cleaning, but with summer just around the corner, it’s a good time to give yourself (and your neck) a little refreshment. With so many ways to style (think: blunt bobs inspired by your favorite celeb, or start off slow and live your best #loblife), there’s a world of possibilities for your next chop.

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FASHION COLOR: With flowers blooming and spring wardrobes rolling out, don’t be afraid to go matchy-matchy with the mood around you! Fashion color is not straying away from the spotlight anytime soon—and we simply can’t resist a bold new hue or a pop of color. Bonus: with Aveda Color, you get the best of everything—all of the beauty, with none of the damage. 

Before your big leap, it’s always nice to hear some feedback from a pro—what works for your face shape, what kind of maintenance and styling is required, and what works best for your lifestyle overall. Our online consultation tool, SnapSnip, works just like an in-salon consultation, wherever you are.


Using a built-in camera or by uploading photos, we’ll see how your hair currently looks from all angles—top, bottom and sides—so we can assess its color and condition. You can send photos of your #inspo (hello, Beyoncé), so we can get a good idea of what your end goal is. Just like in the salon, the more photos we see, the better!

Within 24 hours, we’ll get back with you on our recommendations, maintenance expectations and costs. Bonus: if you’re ready to take the plunge, we’ll be able to book your appointment with the right stylist right then and there.

Let’s do this! Set up an online consultation, book an appointment, or give us a call at (941) 684-9000.

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