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Feb 07 2018

Whole Brain Haircutting: Educating Stylists With HemiSync™

Do you learn with your left brain or with your right brain? If you’re in the Apprentice Program at Nuovo Salons, you use both . . . . through our HemiSync™ Whole Brain Haircutting method.

HemiSync™ is an innovative salon education method developed by Nuovo founder James Amato and our education team. It’s based on 31 years of teaching advanced cutting and coloring in our Apprentice Program. (We call the Nuovo apprenticeship a “Master’s Degree in cosmetology” because it elevates beauty school graduates to a higher level of expertise.) HemiSync™ follows the principle that some students are more left-brained (analytic, logical, methodical) while others are more right-brained (creative, artistic, intuitive). Therefore, we should teach students in ways that engage BOTH sides of the brain.


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Historically, haircutting is a highly technical practice—but many stylists and apprentices have creative, right-brained learning styles . . . and often times, the left-brained approach to learning doesn’t click for them.

Nuovo’s unique curriculum, HemiSync™ Whole Brain Haircutting, applies both British (left-brained) and French (right-brained) methods of hair cutting so that both learning styles come into play. Nuovo Salon apprentices learn a number of specific haircuts during the span of their apprenticeship . . . . and traditionally these are taught in a very methodical way so that students learn the precise techniques. But our HemiSync™ method also takes a creative approach; for instance, expanding on those foundational cuts to change them up, or merging two haircuts together to create a look that’s brand new.


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Though we’ve been developing this method over three decades, we’ve exclusively trained apprentices using the HemiSync™ Whole Brain Haircutting method for three years. In that time, the results have been significant. Nuovo’s one-on-one coaching and customizable learning process gives us several approaches . . . .  both creative and technical . . . . to teach the same thing, so that all students can learn easily. HemiSync™ is a method that will be constantly evolving and improving with time. It’s a major point of distinction from other cosmetology training programs because HemiSync™ combines the best of every method.

What does that mean for Nuovo apprentices? It hits the fast-forward button on their progress! They are able to learn more quickly and understand more completely, moving through Nuovo Salons’ self-paced apprenticeship faster than ever. We’re seeing apprentices graduate from our program with a much higher level of expertise and polish right out of the box that, in the past, took months of salon experience to achieve.



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But, my dears, the big question is: What does it mean for YOU? Well, because HemiSync™ combines technical skill with creative ingenuity, it means our stylists are able to deliver highly customized looks. It means there are no “cookie cutter” haircuts . . . . because all our stylists can take a foundational style and tweak it so it’s unique to you and you alone. And, because our apprentices are graduating at a higher level of skill than ever before, that means our Fresh Talent stylists are absolute rock stars available to you at affordable prices.



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Our integrated methods of teaching don’t stop at a haircut . . . . we apply these same fundamentals to hair color, too. Option for hair color have exploded (hello, #mermaidhair and #unicornstyles)! This makes it easy for beginning colorists to get so caught up in the creativity they forget that the science behind coloring hair must be exact . . . . or it could result in disaster! HemiSync™ training is the natural merging of the necessary elements of chemistry and artistry in coloring hair. So your color is fresh and unique, but non-damaging.

And that’s how we deliver fabulous personalized looks . . . . every single time, at any level. Combining skill and artistry is the Nuovo way, from the very first lessons we teach our brand-new stylists, to the end result crafted from every stylist from fresh talent to master.

To get your personalized cut or color, click here to book online. Or, call or text us at (941) 684-9000 to learn more about HemiSync™.

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