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Aug 04 2017

It’s a Smooth, Smooth Summer: Banish Frizz Beautifully


A post shared by Keratin Complex (@keratincomplex) on Jun 25, 2017 at 2:52pm PDT

Ahh, the textures of summer! Silky bare skin, smooth blended drinks, powder-soft sand, out-of-control frizz . . . . Okay, one of these things does NOT belong! As lifelong Florida beach citizens, we’ve been fighting frizz since shoulder pads and power suits were the hot, new look. And now, we’re excited to tell you we’ve come across the best customizable treatment we’ve found to bring long-term smoothness, luster and (best of all) health to any hair type.

The solution! Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy

Ladies and gentlemen: Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy is here, and Nuovo’s got it! This treatment is made of keratin, amino acids and botanicals and reinforces the hair’s structure, helping to repair damage, block humidity, and reduce frizz and curl. It leaves hair soft, silky, shiny and smooth.

There are four treatments, aimed at different smoothing results, so your stylist can personalize your treatment to your needs. All four let you style your hair any way you like, even curled. (Remember, smooth doesn’t necessarily mean straight — it means frizz-free.)

Let’s break it down. What makes Keratin Complex game-changing?

It strengthens hair instead of damaging it

Traditional keratin treatments make hair lie straight by breaking its protein bonds and subsequently weakening the hair. But the ultra-gentle Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy smooths hair the opposite way . . . . by strengthening it. Specifically, it reinforces hair structure with highly concentrated hydrolyzed keratin, which penetrates the cortex and repairs damage from within. Strong, healthy hair means it can still hold a curl or wave, if you should want to switch it up.

Source: Keratin Complex

It can be targeted to your hair type and smoothing preference, giving you the flexibility to choose your texture from looser curls to arrow-straight locks. Results last up to three months.

Ultimate Smooth: Gives hair a mirror-like shine, so it stays silky even after lots of sun and swimming.
Natural Curl Reduction: Loosens curl by 25-30% when air-dried, and reduces blow-dry time up to 30% when wearing it straight.
Frizz Control: Banishes pesky flyaways and frizzies during even the most humid Sarasota summers.
Maximum Straightness: Achieves stick-straight results for even the curliest, frizziest texture.

Left, her natural curl; right; loosened curls after Keratin Complex Curl Reduction
Source: Nuovo Salons

It doesn’t contain toxic chemicals

My dears, do you think we would let any harsh chemicals through our eco-fabulous doors?! Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy is free of aldehyde and formaldehyde—a probable carcinogen (according to the Environmental Protection Agency) still found in many smoothing treatments. Keratin Complex makes the silky-smooth magic happen safely (read: repair damage, block humidity, and reduce frizz and curls). Hair is left soft, glossy and smooth . . . . . and most importantly, the gorgeous effects don’t compromise your health. Talk about a win-win.


A post shared by Keratin Complex (@keratincomplex) on Jun 20, 2017 at 11:53am PDT

Come in and give Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy a whirl

What are you waiting for? Hot, humid weather is not going away anytime soon, so bring your frazzled locks in to a Nuovo stylist to determine the best smoothing formula for your hair type. We can’t take responsibility for the zillions of summer selfies you’ll want to take as a result . . . . . but we bet they’ll look amazing!

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