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Jun 22 2017

Knock years off your look in five minutes with Grey Blending

Source: Aveda

Not so long ago, many guys felt embarrassed to be seen using anything other than shampoo (preferably pine-scented), shaving cream and a razor as part of their morning routines. Fortunately, more and more men are realizing the benefits of a quality hair and skin care regime. It doesn’t just make you look good . . . . it makes you feel good! As a result, you radiate confidence that helps you ace the job interview . . . . chat up your crush . . . . or finally sign up for that 10K. In short, my dears, impeccable self-care affects all areas of your life for the better!

Wondering where to start? Try grey blending, a five-minute, demi-permanent hair treatment new at Nuovo, that’s both low-maintenance and high-impact. Since grey blending costs only $25, it’s the perfect way to punch up your look and not your budget.

What is grey blending?

Grey blending camouflages bright white and silver hairs, bringing them closer to a uniform grey rather than a mottled salt-and-pepper. It’s demi-permanent, meaning it fades gradually over the course of four weeks. Stylists perform the treatment at the bowl when you get your shampoo: they simply apply the color, let it sit for five minutes, shampoo it out and trim your hair as usual. It’s so quick and easy, other salon-goers won’t even know you’re getting a color service. The result is a subtle color upgrade . . . . people will notice you look younger, but they won’t necessarily be able to pinpoint why.

What happens if I don’t maintain the color?

We get it: you don’t want permanent color that grows out and leaves obvious roots. Grey blending fades out gradually over the course of four weeks, at which point your natural color re-emerges. When you come in for your monthly trim, you can renew your grey blending at the same time.

Will grey blending damage my hair?

Quite the opposite. Grey blending uses 95 percent naturally-derived dyes. It conditions with organic sunflower, castor and jojoba oils. In fact, it leaves hair shinier and healthier than before.

And no, it doesn’t mean covering up who you are! It just means enhancing what you’ve already got. Join our VIP List to receive a complimentary grey blending . . . . call us at 941-684-9000 and see for yourself.

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