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Jan 26 2016

Aveda Classics: The Products You Shouldn’t Overlook

For a person who owns three big, busy salons . . . and who is as familiar with the products they sell as they are with their own closet . . . even I can get overwhelmed by the onslaught of new hair products constantly coming out! Don’t get me wrong . . .  I’m always looking forward to the latest and greatest from Aveda. But my dears, just because there are new kids on the block doesn’t mean we should overlook the tried-and-true standbys that made us fall in love (and stay in love) with Aveda.

So while you should make room on your shelves for the Men's Thickening Pastes and Tulasara Wedding Masques of the world, leave some space for these longtime favorites that have stood the test of time. Here’s to the classics!


Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

aveda wooden paddle brush


Source: Aveda

This will remain in your hair care kit for years and years. An excellent detangler and scalp massager that defeats even the knottiest knots and snarls, the Paddle Brush can untangle without breakage. Its simple, elegant design is lightweight, great for blowouts, and the brush can be dropped repeatedly without impact (err . . .  or so we hear!). It’s appropriate for all hair types.


Phomollient Styling Foam

aveda phomollient styling foam

Source: makeupandbeauty.com

This is a lighter version of a styling mousse, with the texture of a foaming hand soap. Its weightlessness is key: those with fine or thin hair will find that Phomollient adds volume and texture without dragging the hair down. Using certified organic honey, burdock and marshmallow root to plump up damp or dry hair, it smells earthy and soothing. It also adds loads of shine.


Shampure Shampoo

aveda shampure shampoo  

Source: Aveda

Here in Sarasota we have constant problems with hard tap water, and the chelating Shampure Shampoo is our favorite product to protect hair from those harsh minerals. It chemically binds with minerals to keep them from depositing on your hair.  Best for normal to oily hair, the fresh, clean scent of Shampure is a crowd-pleaser. It leaves hair feeling soft and shiny without leaving residue or weight. Those with more oily hair can exclusively use Shampure, while those with normal hair get good results using it once or twice per week as a clarifying shampoo.


Brilliant Damage Control

aveda brilliant damage control spray  

Source: Aveda

We wouldn’t have survived in the Florida sun all these years without Brilliant Damage Control spray. Good for all hair types, this pre-styling spray protects against heat styling and UV damage, and reduces breakage from combing. It’s lightweight, with moisturizing agents that create softness and shine, and it works well on fine hair as a detangler. It also revives dull, dry hair on non-shampoo days. Its lovely, fresh unisex smell will stay with you all day.


Be Curly Curl Enhancer

aveda be curly curl enhancer  

Source: bronzatura.wordpress.com

This ingenious styling creme is our go-to for curly girls (and boys) who want their ringlets looking more defined and frizz-free. Its wheat protein blend expands when hair is wet, then retracts as it dries to intensify curl and tame the frizzies while nourishing hair. Curls are soft, shiny, and spring to life, and the clean herbal smell layers nicely with other scents. 

So even though we’ll continue to breathlessly bring you word of Aveda’s newest and coolest offerings, don’t be quick to abandon these (and other) longtime favorites. Through the years . . . with hundreds and hundreds of five-star reviews and loyal customers . . . these products prove that superior quality is always on trend.





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