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Dec 28 2015

How Do I Make My Hair Grow Longer?

"How do I make my hair grow longer?"  

Oh my dears, if only you knew how many guests have asked us this question over the years! Everyone wants that long, cascading Disney-princess hair . . . not just 5-year-olds. People of all ages, from all walks of life have come to us uttering the same lamentation: “My hair just won’t grow!” If you’re one of the many who has resigned yourself to that sad notion, we have some good news for you. Yes, you can achieve the longer, lusher hair of your dreams . . .  but only if you follow these steps from your fairy godmothers and godfathers at Nuovo. 


Source: Aveda 

Get frequent trims.

Yes, we know that trimming hair seems counterproductive to growing it out . . . but trust us, it is necessary. While frequent trims won’t make your hair grow faster, they’ll keep it healthy and prevent split ends from traveling up the shaft. That prevents hair from breaking off, which is really the reason your hair is forever stuck at one length. Ask your stylist for 1/8 of an inch or so off every 10 weeks, and make sure he or she knows that length is your goal.


Rethink your color.

Not all hair color lines are alike. We use Aveda Color, which is plant-based, essentially damage free, and actually leaves hair softer and shinier than before. Other hair color lines aren’t nearly as gentle  . . .   and harsh chemical dyes tend to cause that damaging breakage that, as we have discussed, is the real enemy of length. If you’re coloring, make sure you’re treating your hair to frequent TLC. We recommending investing in at least one quality deep-conditioning treatment and making it a weekly ritual. Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment and Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment make a great pair (just swap weeks). 


Shampoo less.

Yes, really! Shampoos can strip your hair of needed moisture when used every day and leave you vulnerable to . . .  you guessed it . . . breakage. Try skipping at least every other day, and consider switching to a cleansing conditioner. (Psst … we just shared a blog post about Aveda Be Curly Co-Wash that you need to read. Even if you don’t have curly hair.) Pick up a bottle of Aveda’s new Shampure Dry Shampoo to keep you feeling refreshed between washes. 


Ditch the blow dryer.

It’s no secret that heat styling isn’t doing your hair any favors . . . but since you’ll be shampooing less anyway, this one should be easy. Consider showering at night instead of in the morning on days you do wash, to allow time for your hair to air-dry before bed. Aveda has plenty of products . . . like Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Crème . . . that improve hair hold and texture without the added muscle of heat tools. On days when you’re craving that blown-out look, make sure you use a thermal protectant product. Aveda’s Style-Prep products all contain heat protectant, as does its Brilliant Damage Control spray.


Take a shortcut!

Growing out your hair is a process . . .  and if you’re leaning toward more instant gratification, we recommend VoMor Tape-In Hair Extensions. With these incredibly high-quality extensions, we can add fullness, length, color enhancement, or all three. Non-damaging to natural hair and easy to maintain, these extensions can give you any look, from a subtle boost to goddess tresses, in just one appointment.


And that’s it! Your Nuovo fairy godmothers and godfathers may seem like we perform magic . . .  but it’s all about knowing the factors that affect hair growth. Come visit us and tell us what you want your hair to be. Even without magic, we can get you there.

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