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Sep 30 2015

Europe’s Volumizing Calligraphy Cut — Nuovo’s Got It!

That coveted “wind in your hair” look, brimming with body and bounce, used to be a wistful dream for anyone born with thin, fine or limp tresses. But thanks to the Calligraphy Cut that’s all changed, my dear . . . and Nuovo is one of the first salons in the U.S. to have it!

The Calligraphy Cut follows the principle of cutting a flower stem at an angle, to maximize surface area and absorb more moisture. Cutting the hair shaft at an angle (using a special patented tool) does the same thing, resulting in mega volume and movement. 

Calligraphy Cut - Stylus

Calligraphy Cut - Linda Before  Calligraphy Cut-Linda After


Slicing the hair at an angle exposes 270 percent more surface area, creating a flexibility that actually makes the hair dance. Not only that, but the angular cut helps prevent split ends. Length is not a factor — you don’t have to sacrifice long hair to get a Calligraphy Cut. And, no problem switching back and forth from the Calligraphy Cut to a regular cut.

This new European technique is truly a revolution in hairdressing, and of the 10 salons in the U.S. currently certified to perform it, Nuovo makes up four of them. (By contrast, 400 European salons are certified.) The Calligraphy Cut is a game changer both for our stylists and for our clients with thin, lifeless, and fine hair.

Calligraphy Cut Before and After

For clients who desire body and movement, it’s a miracle worker. Guests who have had a Calligraphy Cut are giving rave reviews. Some of the feedback we’ve gotten so far: “I can’t believe what my hair can do!” “My hair hasn’t looked this good in years,” and “This is the best haircut I have ever had,” to name a few.

The cut is perfect for about 40 percent of people who have fine to medium hair (too thick or curly and it won’t have much impact). Because the stylist works in small sections, Calligraphy Cuts take a little longer than a traditional haircut. These cuts are highly customized to each individual.

Calligraphy Cut - ShortCut    Calligraphy Cut - Haircut

For us stylists, the Calligraphy Cut allows us to be more creative with our styling as we customize each cut for each client. Our guests can really feel the difference as their hair comes to life. It’s just one more way that Nuovo is staying ahead of the curve. We’re all about innovation (it’s why we’re named Nuovo!). The revolution is here.


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