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May 17 2018

Takeaways From The 2018 Spring Atelier

Our team just returned from the 2018 Intercoiffure Spring Atelier. If you’re not sure what that means (It’s kind of a big deal, my dears!) indulge us as we give you a crash course on Intercoiffure—because its Spring Atelier gave us some lessons we can’t keep to ourselves.


Intercoiffure is an invitation-only, international association of premier salons.

Member salons maintain the highest standards in quality, professionalism, service and education.We’re not going to go deep into what it takes to make the Intercoiffure cut, but let’s put it this way…“Hamilton” tickets on Broadway are easier to come by!

Intercoiffure members are invited to exclusive events, including the Spring Atelier, which brings top-tier salons together to inspire, motivate and learn from each other so we all achieve an even higher level of excellence. Then, we bring that excellence right back to you.



From intriguing classes to after-hour cocktails, we were always learning. We picked up valuable tidbits from our peers at five-star salons across North America, as well as truly incredible presenters and styling instructors delivering cutting-edge new trends, techniques and insights. It let us pick, choose and adapt great practices into our culture and guest experience in a way that suits us perfectly. 

What really got us going were the guest speakers. This year, Hallerin Hilton Hill (host of “Anything Is Possible”) shared outstanding insights about finding joy in all aspects of life and work. (If you see a newfound glow in your stylist’s eyes next time you stop in…that’s probably why!)

We returned to Sarasota buzzing with a focus on the bigger picture. Being surrounded by the best of the best in the fashion and beauty game (dressed to the nines, looking like a 10, charm cranked up to 11), we love bringing what we learned back to you.


This year, Intercoiffure took a humongous leap in sustainability (following the lead of Nuovo and other eco-friendly salons) by making the model prep room Green Circle Salon-approved. This means that all waste associated with styling, from hair snippings to the chemicals from color services, was recycled or responsibly discarded, so it stayed out of landfills and waterways. For more Intercoiffure events and others to come, we’re hoping we see this more often, and as #FloridasGreenestSalons, we’re so glad to have been a part of this movement for years.



Though the Spring Atelier has a lot to do with bringing hot beauty trends and techniques back to Sarasota, our biggest lessons have us focusing on the inside.

See and celebrate what’s good and great!

Call it the Mary Poppins approach: When you come at every situation from a positive POV, no matter what, the end result is always valuable.

When you work IN JOY, you enjoy your work!

From the educational opportunities we constantly offer our team, to the sense of family within the salons, to the way we care for and appreciate our guests—our values-based culture makes all our relationships thrive and grow. 

“Be nice or leave!” 

Quoted from Scott Randolf at Randolf Salons, keeps the vibe in Nuovo Salons energetic, enthusiastic and productive. After all, kindness is contagious, my dears! 

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