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May 23 2016

Our Prestige Salons Just Got Fresher

“If nothing ever changed . . .  there would be no butterflies.” I’m not sure who wrote that . . .  but boy, does it apply to Nuovo!

In the newest step in our evolution, Nuovo is reassigning our Fresh Talent team to our three salons at First Street, The Landings and Cooper Creek.

It’s a bittersweet decision to say goodbye to Southgate, as our neighbors there have been wonderful. But it’s the right decision  .  .  .  for our Fresh Talent, for our veteran stylists, and  . . .   most importantly .  .  .  for YOU, our valued guest. And we're celebrating the move! 

Nuovo’s Fresh Talent Program is like a Master’s degree for stylists. We hand-select top cosmetology graduates for Nuovo’s intensive training curriculum, to build their skills to the level we require to serve guests in our prestige salons.

Nuovo Team at Work

As Nuovo’s owners, James and I have always dedicated ourselves to staying ahead of the curve in our industry. Several years ago, we opened Fresh Talent according to the mindset of that time .  .  .  which was that an “incubator” for rising stars was the best way for them to learn and grow.

Over time, we’ve realized this system does not utilize one of Nuovo’s most valuable resources: our multi-talented senior stylists! They have contributed to Nuovo’s success and stellar reputation for years. Their incredible range of skills and experience in five-star salons are assets money can’t buy   .  .  .  and any young stylist would be privileged to work side-by-side with them.

This move benefits our veteran team members as much as the Fresh Talent. The ability to teach and mentor really enhances a person’s skills, and nurtures more career satisfaction in grooming the next generation to become superstars in our industry. Nuovo’s longtime stylists have told us they want to participate in cultivating up-and-coming talent, and we are eager to give them the chance.

Nuovo Team at Lunch

Not only that, but welcoming “new blood” into our prestige salons  .  .  .  heck, into any organization  .  .  .  creates excitement, changes perspectives, and injects fresh ideas and energy. There is a lot to be gained from having talented young stylists (and their guests) around!

Finally, closing a location is going to free up a lot of overhead that Nuovo will reinvest in team education, remodeling, and upgrading our premier locations.

Most of our Fresh Talent guests will find their stylist nearby  .  .  .   two traffic lights down on S. Tamiami Trail, 10 minutes away on First Street, or 25 minutes away in Bradenton. In assigning new locations to our Fresh Talent stylists, we reviewed their clientele and decided what would be most convenient for their guests.

Because all our stylists benefit from this move, our guests are the ultimate winners. Fresh Talent guests can enjoy entry-level price points in a prestige salon setting. And having more stylists on a team frees up more time in our appointment books.

That means we can better accommodate last-minute bookings, walk-ins, or guests who want to add extra services to their visit. It gives us more flexibility. More opportunities to say “Yes.” More chances to make your day.

And THAT, my dears, is really what it’s all about.




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