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Aug 28 2017

Eco-fabulous, every step of the way

You already know when you come to Nuovo, you leave looking and feeling amazing. But what’s not so obvious is this: With each visit, you also leave our planet subtly transformed for the better!

Nuovo’s commitment to the Earth isn’t exactly news. Since 1984, we’ve expressed Aveda’s mission of eco-responsibility and sustainability in all we do. But let’s break that down step by step. We’re different . . . . . every step of the way . . . . . .because we’re green!


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It starts with our solar- and wind-powered salon.

You enter our beautifully appointed salon. Clean wind and solar energy via Arcadia Power runs 100 percent of the air conditioning, lights, blow-dryers, and everything else that keeps a salon going. Next, you take a seat in a comfy, environmentally friendly chair made by Eurisko Design, a company that recycles all byproducts generated in the manufacturing process.

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Nothing goes to waste

You’re greeted with a cup of organic Aveda tea, steeped in purified, reverse osmosis-filtered water (which is also used during every service). Your cut begins. Hair lands lightly on the floor and is swept away . . . . . but it doesn’t end up in the trash. It’s sent to Green Circle Salons, a network for sustainable salons, where it’s made into berms. Those berms are donated to cleanup efforts in the event of an oil spill, because human hair is extremely absorbent. That’s right . . . . . your split ends may end up cleaning up the ocean.

On the cutting edge of sustainable tech

If a color service is part of your visit, we use Aveda hair color, which is 96% naturally derived. We use an app called MIA by Suretint to precisely measure your color, meaning less goes unused. In fact, we’d estimate MIA has saved thousands of liters of color from waste.

After your process, the foils, mixing bowls and other tools are recycled. And the small amount of unused hair color doesn’t get washed down a drain and eventually end up in our beautiful waterways. Instead, it is cleanly burned on site for fuel. That means we conserve resources on several fronts: we don’t mix more color than you require, and we don’t need to ship the excess to a recycling center, which wastes oil and gas.

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Our commitment starts at home

We’re proud to be part of the City of Sarasota’s sustainability efforts— by being a Sarasota County Green Business Partner. As our guest, you are a huge part of this initiative. You do your bit every time you pick up the phone to schedule an appointment. We’ve been making eco-friendly fabulous since 1984, my dears, and we couldn’t do it without you!

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