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Apr 24 2017


When you ask our team what they love about working at Nuovo, a few things immediately come to mind. They’ll mention our gorgeous, upscale locations in appealing seaside cities . . . constant opportunities for continuing education, editorial and fashion styling . . . and the pride and prestige of being named to the Salon Today 200 list in a whopping NINE out of 11 categories.

They might also talk about the nuts-and-bolts benefits offered by only the very top salons. Benefits like paid vacation days . . . health insurance . . . a 401K plan . . . retail bonuses and commissions . . . friends and family discounts, and . . . a clear, defined career path designed to propel you wherever your ambition takes you.

Nuovo makeup artist Glory doing a guest’s application | Photo from Nuovo Salons

Then maybe they’ll move on to the atmosphere at Nuovo itself. The positive energy at each location . . . a trendy, fashion-forward ambience . . . an eco-friendly workplace that embraces green business practices and procedures.

Maybe they’ll start talking about people on their team. The talent, dedication and creativity of their co-workers . . . the celebration of diversity, age groups, and an executive staff that consists equally of men and women . . . the sense of camaraderie that lets them know that no matter what — their team always has their back.

But the most important part of working at Nuovo is something that can’t be measured, tracked, or quantified. That, my dears, is our salon culture.

Not many people take culture into account when looking for a new job at a salon (or anywhere else, really). But culture is vitally important. Culture is what makes the difference between thriving, growing, achieving and progressing at work . . . or simply showing up to collect a paycheck.

But what exactly is salon culture? Salon Today magazine calls it, “That invisible, yet tangible, energy that binds and propels a team and attracts clients. A strong culture is hard to define, even more difficult to build, but when a salon masters this task, they are unstoppable.”

Of the nine Salon Today 200 categories we received honors in, the Salon Culture category is most important to our workplace. We’re so proud of this honor because since 1984, Nuovo’s owners (myself and my business partner, James Amato) have worked hard to establish a firm culture that places our focus on core values with every action we take . . . every service we perform . . . every communication we have – both with guests and with each other.

What are these values? Excellence. Education. Diversity. Stellar customer service. Personal and professional growth. Ecological responsibility. Kindness. And fun!

Nuovo owner Terry McKee walks a guest to her car in the rain. | Photo from Nuovo Salons

When our seasoned stylists take the time to mentor and coach new talent, that comes from our culture. When our team members work together to give guests a five-star experience – that comes from our culture. When our stylists take advanced classes to gain skills they’re passionate about . . . or volunteer at fundraisers for causes dear to their hearts . . . or style for photo shoots, events, and even New York Fashion Week . . . that comes from our culture.

Nuovo’s salon culture tells us whether or not a job-seeker will fit in with us here. The type of person who thrives in Nuovo’s culture is ambitious, eager to learn and wants a career, not just a job. They’re friendly, creative, and enjoy making people’s day. They’re team players and hard workers. They truly want to be a part of a workplace where they’re encouraged to build their skills and further their careers, and where coworkers are regarded as family.

Does that sound like you? We’re always looking for people who would flourish in our culture . . . and when we find them, we are eager to bring them on board. If you’d like to join the Nuovo team, fill out an application! It may be the start of something big.


Nuovo makeup artist Marissa styling for New York Fashion Week

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