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Mar 31 2016

A Clean-Water Message From Our Muse (The Divine Cher)

By now, you know it doesn’t take much arm twisting to get me to discuss the eternally fabulous, gorgeous, timeless Cher . . . But this time it’s not about her incredible personal style . . . her boundless talents . . . or her ability to reinvent herself again and again. There is a reason why Cher is Nuovo’s muse, my dears . . .  and yes, it has to do with all that  . . . PLUS her kindness and generosity!

Recently, Cher donated over 180,000 bottles of water to the citizens of Flint, Michigan to help them cope with their health crisis caused by poisoned water. (She also had some choice words for the public officials responsible!) With this act, Cher highlighted the viewpoint that we at Nuovo have promoted since the very beginning: Clean water is a human right!

In 1986, Cher looked like this . . .

cher and clean water 

Source: huffingtonpost.com

. . . and I was opening Nuovo at The Landings as Sarasota’s first Aveda salon. From the beginning, we’ve shown a strong commitment to clean-water initiatives. Every April, Nuovo has hosted Earth Month events including cut-a-thons, raffles, and other fundraisers to support the Gulf Restoration Network. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg . . .

Nuovo’s eco-friendly business practices in all four locations include using 100% wind-powered energy. We’re Green Circle Salons, recycling 95% of our waste including chemicals, foils, aluminum containers and hard-to-recycle materials. (That’s thousands of pounds of waste kept out of Sarasota’s groundwater each year!) Every drop of water that comes into contact with Nuovo’s guests is filtered by reverse osmosis. We’re proud to have earned the title of “Florida’s Greenest Salons” because we have always felt a responsibility to keep our community and our waterways clean.

Florida has the sixth highest percentage of water area in the U.S. (18.5 percent water!)  . . .  so it’s especially important that we not only keep waste out of Florida’s waters, but address the damage that pollution has already caused.   

Now, our muse Cher has motivated us to make April 2016 our most successful Earth Month yet! We’ll be announcing our fundraising goals soon and counting on you to help us reach them. As Cher sings, “A world without heroes is like a world without sun” . . . It’s up to us to be heroes for the Sunshine State and its sparkling waters! Are you in?

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