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Feb 07 2019

It’s Not Just a Job, It’s a Culture: Being Part of the Nuovo Team

Nuovo is all about providing our guests with a five-star experience. That’s just good sense .  .  .  .  . because no business could survive without satisfied customers. This is why Nuovo has been nationally recognized for our excellence in customer service year after year.

But we also understand very well that you can’t have happy guests without happy employees. This is why, along with our customer service awards, Nuovo has also been honored nationally for our commitment to our team.


There’s a lot to love about working at Nuovo Salons.

There are the obvious factors any employee would like. That includes chic, upscale work environments in beautiful beach towns like Sarasota and Bradenton .  .  .  .  .   a competitive benefits package .  .  .  .  . discounts on premium products and services… .  .  .  .  being paid to learn .  .  .  .  . and a comprehensive career path that can take you wherever your ambition leads. 

What else? Well, there are opportunities to give back by lending your professional skills and talents to worthy non-profits. There are chances to style for editorial photoshoots, fashion shows, and even New York Fashion Week! Not to mention, my dears,  .  .  .  .  .   there’s the clout of working for a company that’s been named to the Salon Today 200 year after year!

Beside those obvious benefits, there are other advantages that become apparent once you get to know Nuovo. Each location is fashion-forward, bubbling with positivity and good energy and is staffed by an amazing and diverse team of talented, dedicated, creative types who love what they do.

Each location is eco-fabulous! Nuovo Salons are Florida’s greenest salons, defined by our passion for sustainability and eco-friendly business practices. That includes all waste (from hair clippings to hair color chemicals) being recycled or responsibly discarded.

But only when you spend even more quality time with the Nuovo team, will you start to recognize something important that can’t be measured, tracked or quantified—and this is the wow factor that really sets Nuovo apart from other salon employers. It’s our salon culture.


Salon culture is the difference between thriving, achieving, and advancing at your job  .  .  .  .  .  .  versus just putting in work hours to get a paycheck. Salon Today magazine defines salon culture as “that tangible energy that binds and propels a team, attracts clients and forges a brand.” Our salon culture has kept some of our valued staff here at Nuovo for more than 30 years!

Since 1984, Nuovo’s signature culture adheres to our core values with every action we take .  .  .  .  .   every service we perform .  .  .  .  .   every communication we have, both with guests and with each other.

What are these values? Excellence. Education. Diversity. Stellar customer service. Giving back to the community. Personal and professional growth. Environmental friendliness. Kindness. And,  .  .  .  .  .  .  last, but certainly not least,  .  .  .  .  .   FUN!

Nuovo’s salon culture defines whether or not a job-seeker will fit in here. The type of person who thrives in Nuovo’s culture is ambitious, eager to learn and wants a career, not just a job. They’re friendly, creative, kind, and enjoy making someone’s day. They’re team players with a strong work ethic. They want to build their skills and further their careers. They want a nurturing environment where colleagues are regarded as family.

When people ask us, “Are you hiring?” we say: My dear, Nuovo is constantly on the lookout for people who are the right fit! Once we find them, we provide the training and support so they can become a shining star. If this sounds like you, let’s talk! Fill out an application. This could be the start of something big. 

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