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Dec 12 2017

Shop With Love: Shop Local!

Whether you love shopping or hate it (and you can put us firmly in the LOVE column), there’s no doubt that where you choose to spend your dollars can make a big difference beyond the items you buy. We’re lucky to live in paradise, so why not support it?

Pop into locally owned shops to find amazing must-haves they’ll love—while contributing to the community YOU love. Here are our top 3 reasons why shopping local is the ONLY way to shop!

Supporting Sarasota (And Bradenton, And Siesta Key, And…)

When you shop small, your purchase does more than benefit that one business: it supports the whole community. According to this study by the American Independent Business Alliance, $68 of every $100 spent at a local business stays in the city. Compare that to $43 at a big-box store, and those dollars add up fast.

Plus when cash registers are ringing, small businesses start to grow! That means they can now create jobs that didn’t exist before and hire residents to fill them. You probably know someone who works at a small business (hint hint: everyone who works at Nuovo works at a small business!).

There’s another thing small businesses tend to do—far more than anonymous big-boxes or online shopping from far away—and that’s support local charities and causes. Small businesses give twice as much per dollar sales to local non-profits, youth teams and community fundraisers than big boxes.

Here at Nuovo, we’re happy to contribute to fundraisers for amazing organizations such as Forty Carrots Family Center, the Gulf Restoration Network, Gimme Shelter Pet Adoption, SPARCC Sarasota, Sarasota Museum of Art, and more. In fact, Nuovo Salons was recently recognized by Salon Today magazine for our philanthropy! And yes, all the organizations we support make a huge impact on the Suncoast. When you support multiple small businesses, your money goes farther, and does more, than you could possibly imagine.

Love Your Neighbor(s)

You wanna go where everybody knows your name, right? . . . Well, every time you shop locally, it’s personal. When your customers are your neighbors, friends, and acquaintances, the customer service usually reflects that. Nuovo has been in the Sarasota area for 31 years now, and we couldn’t have lasted this long without the personal touch that keeps our guests coming back. (And not to brag . . . but Salon Today recently gave Nuovo Salons a shout-out for our stellar customer service, too!)

So forget dealing with those 1-800 numbers and call-center representatives who aren’t authorized to make that decision. . . . . and go where you’ll be appreciated for the superstar that you are.

Expert Product Knowledge & Craftsmanship

Ever bought something online that didn’t live up to the product photo on your screen? Or opened the super-deluxe-security-wrapped packaging of a big-box purchase . . . . only to find that what lies within isn’t what you expected? My dears, we ALL have experienced that disappointment. Why do that to yourself?

Go to a small, local shop and look at their goods with your own eyes. Touch them, pick them up, smell them, try them! Ask questions about the ingredients or the materials they’re made with. Enjoy the confidence that comes with being 100% secure about a purchase before you buy it. Shopping locally offers a unique expertise when it comes to product knowledge and craftsmanship.

At Nuovo, we believe you should “try it before you buy it!” Our team can answer all your questions about the Aveda products and gift sets we sell. They can show you how to use them, recommend the perfect product for you or someone else, and encourage you to sample and smell anything you’re interested in buying. We want all our guests to feel good about their purchases, and that’s generally not a priority with an anonymous online store or massive big-box.

If you love Sarasota as much as we do . . . then do something this holiday season that puts your love right here at home. Support local small businesses and make your shopping count!

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