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Apr 28 2015

Helping Your Mom Break Out Of A Style Rut

Moms have so much more to worry about than hair, makeup, and clothes, which is why you can hardly blame yours for falling into the same old rut when it comes to style. However, we all know how wonderful it feels when you know your look is truly on point. This Mother’s Day, help Mom shake things up and give the gift of looking—and feeling—fantastic. 

Send Suggestions

Don’t keep that fabulous style of yours all to yourself…next time you’re browsing the new arrivals at Shopbop or your favorite boutique, keep an eye out for things you know Mom would love, too. Share a link or snap a picture, and send with a compliment and suggestion. (“This would look amazing with that blue skirt you have.” “You can pull off yellow better than anyone I know.”)

Give the Gift of Lipstick

Gwyneth Paltrow said, “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” You know your Mom advocates for the first part, because she told you you were beautiful when you were in braces. She agrees with the second part, too…she just doesn’t know it yet. Lipstick is one of those tiny little things that makes a big, lovely impact. Choose a fresh spring shade like Sheer Peony from Aveda’s new Rare Bloom collection. It’s a gorgeous, shimmery golden pink that’s easy to wear and great for almost all skin tones.

Find Her Favorite Fashion Blog

Like the rest of the world, we’re getting more and more of our fashion inspiration from bloggers. Your Mom may not share your taste, but we’re sure she’ll share your love of discovering unexpected takes on the kind of pieces most of us have anyway. J’s Everyday Fashion is great for affordable, down to earth pieces—and we love that she re-wears and re-works items all the time. We’re also more likely to fall in love and keep up with a blog if the writer has worked to develop a strong voice, which is why The Mom Edit always finds its way onto our reading list. (Plus, statements like this: “I believe that good style has no rules and that there’s nothing chic about discomfort.” Preach!) And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention local blogger Sarah Tucker, who writes beautifully about life right here in sunny Florida—and dresses fabulously while doing it.


 Photo credit Sarah Tucker.

A Mani-Pedi Works Wonders

Sometimes, all mom really needs to remind her to take care of herself is for you to carve out the time for her to do it. This Mother’s Day, get her a gift card for a mani-pedi—and while you’re at it, why not scoop one up for yourself, too? You two can get some much-needed bonding time, and the results will pay off long after you’ve left the salon. Seeing an unexpected pop of color on her person is sure to inspire bolder style decisions, and taking some time for herself will remind her that she doesn’t do it often enough. Plus, pedicures just look better in new sandals…it’s a fact. 

Tell Her She’s Beautiful

Because sometimes, we all need the reminder…and because she always told you. 

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