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Jan 26 2015

A Sneak Peek at Cooper Creek!

Preparing our new Cooper Creek salon for its grand opening has us thinking of Andy Warhol’s words: “The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.” We’re so eager to open our incredible new salon, we’re practically leaping out of our skin! And in about three weeks, that dream will become a reality in Cooper Creek. But until then . . . here’s a preview of what’s to come!

You’ll Love Us AND Our Neighbors. We couldn’t talk about our Cooper Creek salon without first mentioning one of its top features: a primo (and très convenient) spot at The Shoppes at University Town Center, at the heart of the booming University Park/ Lakewood Ranch area. We’re steps away from the Mall at UTC and our favorite fashion haunts: Saks Fifth Avenue, Stuart Weitzman, Mayors/Rolex, Michael Kors, Anthropologie, lululemon athletica . . .  we just might need to expand our closet space when this new location opens up  . . .

To Boldly Go Where No Salon Has Gone Before. The incredible guru who brought enlightenment to our salon design is Leon Alexander of Eurisko Design. A behavioral psychologist, Leon is renowned for his work in layout planning for salons and spas to create an optimal guest experience. Every decision — from the color palette to the ceiling height to furniture placement — was made to optimize the comfort level of our guests. We call it our Zen Starship! So when you enter Nuovo Cooper Creek and suddenly feel a greater sense of well-being, remember . . . that’s not coincidence, my dear. It’s science! 

Ready for a heavenly scalp massage & aromatic shampoo in these luxe chairs?

Cooper Creek preview1

You’ll Love Yourself In Our Light. We need a separate category for our phenomenal interior lighting. Next time you’re in a space with direct overhead lighting, look around. Notice how it casts hard angles and shadows, and how frankly unflattering it is. In our new location, all our lighting shines from a 45-degree angle: bright enough for our stylists to work effectively, while eliminating severe shadows and bathing your beautiful self in soft, complementary ambient light. 

You’ll Want To Shop Til You Drop (Into The Stylist’s Chair). We’re so inspired by the divine University Town Center shops surrounding us, and our retail area fits right in. It’s open and inviting, with all new Aveda furniture, intermingled with Experience Tables and Victorian Experience Chairs, so our guests can rest comfortably, enjoy a hand massage, or try, try, try to your heart’s content . . . whatever Aveda products are intriguing you at the moment!

Happily stocking the shelves with divine Aveda products for you to explore! 

Nuovo Cooper Creek 2

You’ll Want To Hang Out At The Color Bar (Even If You’re Not Getting Color). The award-winning colorists at Nuovo are renowned for their expertise in advanced hair color techniques, and we’re letting you glimpse their genius at our Color Lab and Color Bar. Watch your colorist mix your custom shade at the Lab using damage-free Aveda pigments to come up with a base color, highlights or lowlights created just for you. Then, relax at our calm, comfortable Color Bar with one of the iPads you’re provided. Browse the news, get caught up on celebrity gossip or scroll through our Pinterest pages — instead of staring at yourself in foils for an hour.

Our Salon Space Is Your Happy Place. Interior designer extraordinaire Robert Claussen is known for elegant eco-friendly design, so who better to transform the interior of Cooper Creek into the stunning, sustainable salon of our dreams? We worked with Robert and Eric Cross at Home Resource, whose dedication to classic modern furniture of stellar craftsmanship rivals Nuovo’s dedication to high style and uncompromising guest care. The result: an interior space that’s not only pleasing to the senses, but that imparts a sense of peace and . . .  dare we say . . .  joy? Because coming to the salon is the ideal act of self-care . . .  boosting your confidence, self-esteem, and sense of well-being . . . our salon space needs to do it justice. And boy, does it ever.

Our stylist stations: where the real magic happens in every Nuovo salon.

Nuovo Cooper Creek-3

The Lennon to my McCartney. The harmonious, zen-like interior of Nuovo Cooper Creek is a great reflection of the relationship that created it. My business partner James Amato and I have been working together for nearly 27 years (!!!) and we’ve come to value and appreciate immensely what the other brings to the table. Believe me, it took a lot of growth, maturation, and self reflection . . .  not to mention humility (!!!) . . .  to get there! We realize how our vastly different strengths and priorities mesh in an amazing way to create an entity that’s light-years better than what either of us could do on our own. (You could call the Cooper Creek location our White Album.)

I could go on for days about how amazing our new Cooper Creek location is going to be . . .  but my words can’t compare to the real thing. Stay tuned for the date of our Grand Opening celebration so that you can come enjoy it for yourself. Because as gorgeous and inspired as our salon is, it’s not complete without you.

Can’t wait to see you at Cooper Creek! 



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