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Dec 06 2014

Things That Make Them Go Mmmmmmm: Aveda Holiday Gift Sets

Most of Nuovo’s guests are crazy busy in their day-to-day lives, so during the holiday season they’re practically tearing their hair out from the added obligations. Because we’re about relieving stress.  .  . when you come to Nuovo, you can shop right from the chair!

Here’s how it works: Come in for your holiday hair appointment and browse the collection of limited-edition 2014 Aveda gift sets available in the salon. Teacher gifts .  .  . hostess gifts .  .  . distinctive boxes of Aveda love for family, friends, or colleagues .  .  . all picked out by the time your stylist has spritzed the last spray of Control Force™ onto your gorgeous coif. Multi-tasking has never been so fabulous.

And keep in mind that Aveda gift sets aren’t just thoughtful collections of limited-edition products: they are wrapped in beautiful handcrafted paper made by a collective in Nepal. Aveda’s fair-trade partnership with this wonderful group (comprised mostly of women) has improved thousands of Nepali families’ lives.

Of the limited-edition Aveda holiday sets for 2014, here are our top 5 faves:

Twinkling Eyes Aveda Set

A Gift of Twinkling Eyes. For the makeup lovers on your list, scoop up this gem tout de suite. It contains four rich, blendable Aveda Petal Essence™ eye shadows in this season’s most fashion-forward colors: Moon Orchid, Winter Lilac, Silver Peak and Nepali Tea.   .  .  .  Oh, the smoky eyes and daytime drama you can create! The cheek color, Snow Lotus, is a bright berry that’s right on trend as well. All for $39, which works out to less than $8 per shade?! Get two.

Invigorating Relief Gift Set



A Gift of Invigorating Relief. My dear, you simply cannot go wrong with Hand Relief™. This best-selling Aveda crème is known the world over for its amazing replenishing powers. We didn’t think Hand Relief could possibly get better  .  .  .  until Aveda released its limited-edition version in the appealing (and unisex) Rosemary Mint scent. A generous full-size for home, plus a travel size for purse or car, means your lovely gift will always be right at their fingertips.

Peace & Light Aveda Candle

A Gift of Peace and Light. Long-burning (50+ hours) and heavenly smelling (with the delicious Shampure™ aroma — hello, crowd-pleaser), this candle is a no-brainer for hostess gifts and anyone else who’s seriously into ambience.  

Aveda Baths of Beauty  


A Gift of Baths of Beauty. We have yet to meet the person who doesn’t love sinking into a luxury bath after a tough day, so this is the go-to for anyone who’s difficult to buy for. The scent of organic lavender and bergamot in the Beautifying line is irresistible, and the amazingly versatile Beautifying Composition Oil is among our top 5 must-haves if we’re stranded on a desert island. (Here’s why).  

Stress-Fix Aveda Gift


A Retreat From Stress. No matter how busy we are, we all know that person who makes our hectic days seem like a stroll on the beach. It’s the Supermom, or Workaholic, or Eternal Volunteer in your life .  .  .  you know who I’m talking about. Whether they need to be rewarded for their tirelessness, encouraged to slow their roll, or both  .  .  .  here’s the ultimate, heavy-hitting solution to the stress of being in perpetual motion. Aveda’s Stress-Fix™ aroma has been clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress, so this isn’t just relaxation  .  .  .  it’s science

So come into your Nuovo location of choice and start browsing! Because our stylists are also Olympics-caliber shoppers, they’re always willing to help you choose the right gifts for different personality types. Don’t overthink the holidays. Relax, get gorgeous, and check everyone off your list. 


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