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Nov 13 2014

Switching Salons? How To Tell You're Picking A Winner

As my team and I have just returned from the amazing annual Intercoiffure Fall Atelier event in NYC . . . starry-eyed and brimming with ideas and inspiration . . . it occurred to me how few people outside the salon industry are aware of this prestigious association of elite-level salons. Here’s the main thing you need to know: If your salon is an Intercoiffure salon, my dear, your looks are in the most skilled hands in the world!   

Being an Intercoiffure member salon is no small feat. NUOVO guests can be secure in the knowledge that their chosen place for glamourization, relaxation and “me time” is among the best in the entire country. But if ever you’re traveling, and face the need to “cheat” on NUOVO with another salon — (and yes, it happens and yes, we do forgive you when you return) — here’s why the salon you choose should be one that displays the Intercoiffure star.


Intercoiffure Logo

Intercoiffure is an international, invitation-only association of premier salons that maintain the highest standards of quality, professionalism, expert service and educational focus. Sometimes I think it’s easier to become a United Nations member country than it is for a salon to be recognized by Intercoiffure! 

A salon owner seeking this honor must meet strict criteria for the aesthetic appeal of the salon, the skill level of its stylists, its business excellence, the quality of its internal education program, and local or national recognition for its work. The owners must be sponsored by two Intercoiffure members and then must undergo an extensive interview with the Intercoiffure New Members Committee to determine whether they make the cut. If you’re fortunate enough to be accepted, you are now part of an exclusive group that includes many of the most prominent cosmetologists in the world.

Once you’re in the club, the excitement begins! Intercoiffure is driven by its mission to educate, motivate and inspire beauty professionals, and its annual events in fall and spring are nothing short of jaw-dropping. Its Spring Symposium focuses on business development and higher education, while the Fall Atelier is an extravaganza of new style trends, creative showmanship, and exciting presentations.

NUOVO Team in NYC-1

The fabulous NUOVO team at the 2014 Intercoiffure Fall Atelier in NYC.

Nuovo in NYC-2

During the recent Atelier event, our team of 14 stylists was blown away by hair demonstrations that sparked their imagination, presented by the likes of world-renowned stylists Orlando Pita and Vivienne Mackinder. We were starstruck at the Intercoiffure black-tie gala at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel (photos above), where we all mingled with the cream of the hairstyling crop. (Intercoiffure events are known throughout the world of fashion . . . Sarah Jessica Parker has even been known to make a surprise appearance! Looking spectacular, of course.)

The NUOVO team has returned to Florida eager to put into practice the trends and techniques we’ve learned, and to push ourselves to new levels of expertise and skill. We’re still buzzing from the natural high of being artistically and professionally motivated to such an amazing extent.

Intercoiffure’s main focus is on education, and the main thing that Intercoiffure affiliation signifies is that its member salons devote an incredible amount of time and resources to education. When you see the Intercoiffure star, you know that you’re walking into a salon that is dedicated to making sure its stylists undergo continuous advanced training to constantly push them to greater levels of expertise.

So if you want to make sure that your appearance is in the best hands (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) .  .   . just look for the star! 


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