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Sep 25 2014

Six Steps To "Eat Your Heart Out" Hair

You can have enviable, “Eat Your Heart Out” hair . . .  all day . . . every day. Simply follow these six steps, and the concept of a “bad hair day” will become a distant memory.

Step 1: Cleanse

Our motto here is “Shampoo . . .  unless you don’t.” The trick is to choose the correct shampoo, and then use it sparingly: only when you absolutely have to wash! Even the best shampoos, when used too often, can strip hair of moisture or fade your color. Your hair doesn’t have oil glands (your scalp does), so just let it go for as long as you can. “But what about after the gym?” My dear, perspiration is just salt water . . .  that’s easily rinse-able! Heed your stylist, who practically knows your hair better than you do, and buy the shampoo recommended for your hair’s needs.

Step 2: Condition

Unlike shampooing, you can condition every day if you want to. Just remember to condition the ends and keep the product away from the scalp. Again, you should be using the product your stylist recommends; usually one in the same line as your shampoo and other hair products. When properly rinsed, conditioner won’t make your hair heavy or limp, so abandon that old wives’ tale and embrace this step.

Step 3: Treat

This is for people whose hair is dry, damaged, or colored (in other words, most of you). Dry hair refers to naturally occurring dehydration, while damaged tresses refers to hair wrecked by heat styling or chemical treatments (including toxic hair color . . . You should be tinting your hair with Aveda’s non-damaging color, you know . . . but that’s a topic for another day!). If your hair falls into one of these three categories, hit it once a week with Aveda’s Dry Remedy Moisturizing Treatment Masque, Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment, or Color Conserve Strengthening Treatment.


Aveda Model


Step 4: Prep

This is probably the least understood step to great hair, but it’s the key to keeping your locks looking freshly styled all day long. “Prepping” your hair creates the ideal conditions for your styling product, extending its life and its effectiveness. Not all prep products are created equal . . .  some block humidity and frizz, others induce shine and hold, still others give thickening and lift. What they all have in common is they work synergistically with your main styling product to give your hair that just-styled look for hours.

Step 5: Style

The right product (again, prescribed by your trusty stylist) makes your hair do exactly what you want when you’re styling your hair. Whether you’re blowing it out, flat-ironing it, shaping it into goddess waves, or air-drying while scrunching, this is the step that makes your hair look just the way you want it to. Go ahead and ask your stylist a bazillion questions about how to style when you’re in the chair . . .  we live for that! Check out Aveda styling tutorials to learn how to create different looks. Experiment and change it up! It’s amazing how many looks you can achieve when you use the correct styling products and techniques.

Step 6: Finish

After you’ve nailed that fierce look for your hair, keep it all day! This is the finishing touch that’s going to sustain that style and keep it fresh for hours. Maybe you just need a light spritz of Air Control Hair Spray to make your style last, or a dab of Light Elements Texturizing Crème to add volume and a matte finish. Finish strong . . .  and your hair will never let you down.

Remember: we recommend Aveda products, which are so concentrated that a little goes a long way. Don’t overdo it! And the next time you run into your ex, your crush, or that best-friend-who-wasn’t . . . remember: a confident smile, an over-the-shoulder wave, and their last glance at your gorgeous hair will take your day from average to amazing.


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