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Jun 11 2018

How Buying Products In The Salon Can Change The World

We’ll begin with the cautionary tale of Jeremy. (Not his real name, but we don’t want to embarrass poor Jeremy). Jeremy brought us his thick, unruly curls and his desire to get them under control. We gave him a killer precision cut with a dollop of Aveda’s Anti-Humectant pomade. He left here rocking a wavy, shiny, controlled and utterly fabulous coif. Jeremy didn’t leave with the pomade, though — he said he would buy it elsewhere.

Fast-forward six weeks later, and in comes Jeremy looking like a hot mess.  Gone was the sexy Bradley Cooper tousled mane, and in its place was a tight ‘70s curl à la

Barbra Streisand in A Star is Born. “Jeremy, what happened?” we wailed as we led him to his chair.

“I don’t know!” he said. “I haven’t been able to get it looking good since the last time I came here!”

“What product are you using?”

“The one you told me to buy!” he replied, pointing to a small blue jar on the shelf. “This one.”

It was AVEDA’s Humectant Pomade. A great product, but not for Jeremy — in fact, the exact opposite of the Anti-Humectant Pomade we’d recommended (in the white jar). What a difference four little letters can make!

 Aveda Brilliant 1 not equal Aveda Brilliant 1


The story has a happy ending: Jeremy left here with the correct product, his hair restored to its former state of enviable glory. This is just one guest who thought he would save a few dollars buying hair products outside the salon, and ended up regretting it. But so many guests make this mistake.

You might think the product is the important thing, not where you buy it. Does it really matter that you got your Dry Remedy from eBay and not your trusty salon?

Yes, it does, my dear — quite a bit!  There are several reasons you should buy your products in your salon. Here are our top 5: 

1.    You Always Get The Right Products. As Jeremy learned the hard way, it’s so easy to buy the wrong thing. In the salon, your stylist will make sure you leave with exactly what you need. Remember, we know your hair — probably better than you do! We can tell whether your split ends are caused by a lack of moisture or a lack of protein. We can coax glam waves out of the stickest-straightest hair, or create glossy sleekness from a frizzy mop. We have a very intimate relationship with your mane, and with you! The products we recommend are compatible not just with your hair, but with your lifestyle and styling regimen. Putting the wrong products on the right cut sabotages everything you’ve invested in great hair.

Source: Aveda


2.    You’re Guaranteed Product Authenticity & Freshness. If you see salon products at prices that seem too good to be true, they probably are. Unscrupulous distributors of cheap knock-off products are more prevalent online than Internet memes. Some sites, like eBay or Overstock.com, appear to have great deals on legitimate hair products. But the reason they’re discounted is because they’ve been sitting on shelves for so long, they’re either expired or nearly there. Not such a great deal after all. High-quality salon products are not meant to linger on shelves for months or years — especially Aveda products with their lack of preservatives. Salon-quality hair products whose ingredients have expired are often no better than drugstore products. And you know how we feel about drugstore products *shudder*.

3.    You’re Eligible For Loyalty & Frequent Buyer Programs. There are ways to get discounts on salon products besides looking for (potentially sketchy) bargain buys. If you’re on the Nuovo Rewards plan, you get points for all products and services purchased, and are rewarded with product vouchers from $25-$300.  If you’re an Aveda Pure Privilege member, you receive points with product purchases, and are rewarded with Aveda products and other gifts. (Yes, you can combine the two programs!) Also at Nuovo, new clients get a $20 gift they can use toward product purchases. So you can save money on products in the salon — just in ways you hadn’t thought of.

Source: Aveda


 4.    You’re Helping Your Stylist Become Even More Awesome. For many salons, retail sales are linked to continuing education for their stylists. Aveda concept salons like NUOVO, who have strong product sales, become eligible to host elite Aveda educators for advanced trainings, workshops, and certifications. Some salons have an in-house education fund that comes from their retail sales. Either way, buying products in the salon is often an avenue to help the stylist you love become even more skilled at doing what they love — your hair. 

5.    You’re Helping Your Local Economy (And Some Great Non-Profits). Salons are small businesses whose employees are your neighbors, friends, and community members. Spending your money close to home — instead of at large chains, or businesses abroad — keeps your dollars in your community, where they create jobs, and strengthen your local economy. In the case of Aveda, all products are 100 percent manufactured in the U.S.A. Part of our salon culture (and that of many other salons) is that we’re devoted to helping local and international non-profits — not just during Aveda’s Earth Month, but year-round. Supporting your salon creates a ripple effect that benefits your community, both locally and globally.


So the simple act of buying hair products at Nuovo (or any other salon) can really make the world a better place! And you thought you were just stocking up on shampoo.


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