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The Next Best Thing to Cloning Your Stylist

We hear it all the time. “I love how my hair looks when I leave Nuovo . . . . . I wish I could bring my stylist home!” Oh my dears, if we could clone ourselves we’d all be there to give each and every one of you regular blow-drys in the comfort of your own home. And we feel your pain when it comes to DIY blowouts. Standing in front of the mirror, straining to smooth every strand is time-consuming . . . . . and doesn’t quiiiite result in that swingy, shiny hair you get when your Nuovo stylist does it.

How To Win At Holiday Shopping

’Tis the season . . . . . to SHOP! Do those five words fill you with delight or dread? Though we happen to be shopping enthusiasts, . . . . we also know that for many, holiday shopping is an overwhelming task that puts a damper on the season.

Stay On-trend for Fall From Head to Toe

From runway fashion, to the right shade of lipstick, to hair color trends, follow our expert tips to guide you through fall in style.

Seven Ways to Thicken Your Hair

As much as we want you to LOVE your hair when you leave our chairs, we really, really want you to LOVE it every day in between appointments. But it can be hard to LOVE your hair when it’s feeling flat, limp and won’t hold a style. If this sounds like you, my dears, pull up a (salon) chair and let’s talk volume.

Fabulous hair treatments for fabulous summer hair

As fabulous as Sarasota is year round, sweet summertime is always when it goes from simply marvelous to positively magical. Whether we’re soaking up 35 miles of the world’s best beaches, picking through the gorgeous offerings at the Sarasota Farmers Markets, or just sunset sidewalk strolling while gazing in picturesque shop windows, we’re happiest in summer. 


Summer can be…

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