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Jan 26 2017

Our Favorite Aveda Scents (& When to Use Them)

Scent is powerful. It can transport you to a totally different time and place and call up long-forgotten memories. It can physically relieve feelings of stress and tension. It can make you feel uplifted and bright . . . or warm and cozy . . . and just about any feeling in between. Aveda has been harnessing the power of aromatherapy since its inception, consistently crafting fragrances that calm, heal, invigorate and delight. Even better, Aveda uses ingredients and essential oils that are sustainably sourced, fair-trade, biodegradable and never tested on animals . . . so you can be sure each creation not only smells amazing and has sensory benefits, but also is good for the world.

Here are our favorite Aveda scents and when to use them.


You know this smell . . . it’s the one that permeates when you walk into Nuovo or any other Aveda salon or institute. It’s a clean, calming aroma that immediately makes you feel relaxed and ready to be indulged. Shampure is made from a perfect balance of 25 pure flower and plant essences, including certified organic lavender, petitgrain and ylang ylang.

When to use it

Use Shampure anytime you want the ordinary to feel a little extraordinary . . . so, basically, all the time! The scent comes in a wide variety of products . . . soy wax candles to make your home smell like a spa; shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and fortify hair; hand and body wash so that the simple act of getting clean can feel like a royal treatment; lotion to luxuriate the senses while providing your skin with needed moisture; dry shampoo to keep your style looking fresh; and composition oil to make your scalp feel nourished, to make baths heavenly, to soften skin . . . the list goes on and on.


This scent was specifically designed to melt away tension . . . in fact, my dears, Stress-Fix has been clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress. Using the power of essential oils such as organic lavender and clary sage, this aroma turns your home, bathroom, office, or car into a sanctuary from stress and anxiety.

When to use it

This scent is perfect for any time you feel overwhelmed or overworked . . . traveling, studying, long days at work, unexpected traffic and just general stress from life. The line comes in a composition oil, body creme, body lotion, a roller-ball concentrate, a soy wax candle and . . . our personal favorite . . . soaking salts for the most relaxing baths of your life.

Rosemary Mint

This aroma awakens the senses with the refreshing scent of organic rosemary and peppermint, along with other pure flower and plant essences. The scents work together to energize the body and rejuvenate the mind.


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When to use it

Use the shampoo and conditioner when you first wake up in the morning to give your senses a boost to wake up and face the day. The mix of peppermint and rosemary will help you feel centered, refreshed and ready. For that mid-day, post-lunch slump . . . when you want to nap but have dozens of tasks to finish . . . smooth the body lotion on your hands and arms, take in the scent and feel instantly energized.

Caribbean Therapy

Caribbean Therapy transports the senses to an island of relaxation. Evoking the beauty and peace of sunshine, sand and ocean, this scent is made with vetiver, lime, bay and other pure flower and plant essences.

When to use it

Use Aveda’s Caribbean Therapy Soy Wax Candle any time you are craving fresh air, a soft breeze, and the calming yet invigorating smell of the ocean. Maybe you are cooped up indoors, or the weather is dreary and gloomy and you can’t head over to the beach and get that instant pick-me-up. Light this candle, breathe and bring the beach to you.

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