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Nov 17 2016

Fall-Tastic Makeup Looks

We love nothing better than taking inspiration from glamorous moments in the past and giving them a modern twist. And while some beauty trends never need to see the light of day again (!!!) others can build onto their past success with a bit of contemporary flair.

Take the fall/winter makeup collection by Aveda, Fōklôr. As the name suggests, it draws from fairy tales and legend of times past, but its modern edge makes this collection anything but dated. If New York Fashion Week took place in an enchanted forest, you’d get Fōklôr.

Here are some tips on how to make these fall looks yours.

Source: Instagram, photo by @tarameriam

Source: Instagram, photo by @tarameriam


Gorgeous makeup looks ALWAYS start with gorgeous skin. It’s officially time to put away the tanner and bronzer and work with your skin’s natural radiance.

But perhaps your complexion isn’t exactly the glowing, healthy canvas these fall makeup looks call for — well, my dears, the Tulasāra Daily Radiant Awakening Ritual can change all that. This simple but oh-so-effective quick morning ritual uses the time-tested technique of dry brushing followed by a fingertip massage with light oleation oil. The dry brushing de-puffs and gently exfoliates while the oleation massage nourishes and restores to amplify skin’s radiance.

Follow this up with Firm, Bright or Calm Concentrate – three high-powered serums that correct whatever needs correcting (mix it up, if you need more than one). In a matter of days, you’ll be amazed at the improvements shining forth from that beautiful face staring back at you in the mirror. But don’t take our word for it: Read these reviews!

Source: thepartyparade.com, Photo by Nat Spencer

Source: thepartyparade.com, Photo by Nat Spencer


This fall, there is no place for a boring lip. Whether light or dark, the key word here is intentional.

On the lighter side, go for icy: Aveda Nourish-Mint Lip Glaze in Pink Lupine — a sheer fairy pink whose shimmer lasts and lasts and lasts. For deep drama, the warm red of Nourish-Mint™ Smoothing Lip Color in Carnelian is undeniably intense (and universally flattering).

Another lip-look we’re loving is ombre, as demonstrated here by the lovely and amazing Janell Geason:

Source: Instagram, makeup by Janell Geason

Source: Instagram, makeup by Janell Geason

To get this look, line your lips with Tarragona liner, concentrating in the corners and coloring in from the edges a little bit. In the middle of the lip, dap on some Sheer Clover Lip Color and finish it off with a less-than-opaque gloss like Agave Nectar to blend the edges and give the look of plumping. End result: a lusciously pouty look that belongs in a fairytale…or a photo-shoot.


A smoky eye isn’t exactly new, so take it it to a different level this fall with unexpected colors from the Fōklôr collection. Try a pigmented smoky eye instead of the traditional blacks and browns.

For a dreamy daytime look, use a Petal Essence Chia, around the lash. Sweep a delicate pink like Petal Essence Rose Quartz across the lid, and use that to blend in the darker shade.

The new eye product we’re in totally in love with this fall? Aveda Eye Definer in Gypsum Gold. This liner is a champagne-like metallic gold that brightens and illuminates, giving your eyes a trace of magic. We’re adding it to the inner corners of almost any eye look right now for that perfect touch of glow. It’s perfect for fall, and it’s going to be just as amazing for holiday makeup. Color us obsessed.

Source: Instagram, makeup by Janell Geason

Source: Instagram, makeup by Janell Geason


Your eyebrows are like the picture frame for your face. You can have a beautiful picture, but if the frame is messy, the art looks cheap!

It pays to take time on your brows. If you’ve never had your brows shaped, by all means come in to Nuovo and have our professionals fix you up. We can help teach you the best way to master your arches so they’re perfect every day.

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